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Everything posted by animaniac92

  1. @tiaonic, wow! you got me fooled man. Very good work. Keep em' coming!
  2. ^Very nice diorama for the Beetle! Show us more pics! And oh, welcome!
  3. @therealjustin, now that's what i'm talking about. Epic shots mate.
  4. ^woots, R8 SM in my favorite color for the R8 awesome Challenger.
  5. ^Shit, i have yet to find one of those beauties. JEALOUS MAX!! Great lomo-like shot !
  6. @nomad, cantik blue and pink car with white background~ Very nice =) @dnnrwr, awesome batmobile bro. The rims is
  7. Happy Chinese New year peeps.. drive safe for those who are "balik kampung"-ing.. especially if you're driving an Enzo
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