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  1. some more cars from my insane mind rolls royce matchbox restored drag gto black exotic rich porsche restored corvette from trash to restore wheel swap delorean 3 mins custom cool camaro diablo freezed bat octa-monsta freight heavy weapon! lifted bird
  2. nascar front in this super van faded 57' chevy nice maverick mazda furai nice datsun blue ranger volcano streeter faded concept godzilla dirty construction green demon
  3. thanks for the comments, 5 customs more comming soon
  4. some cars i did recently, some crazy ideas, etc Let me know wath you think ecto-zombie1, funny car, tooned fire dept vehicle, bug-shaker, classic-shaker, ando more, the last photo its some wip's
  5. Bat-movil ferrari f50 vw golf wip's misc wheel swaps work table comming soon thanks
  6. jorge22389

    hi, im new

    hello, im from mexico, and find this great forum from the other side of the world, really here i see great customs, and this is a little view of mine. its soo simple but i still starting the sacrifice box and next projects
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