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  1. sorry got you confused i got 2012 bmw 2002 orange and white 2012 mazda/rx7 black 2012 aventador silver/ 2011 skyline red TH Willys or others just ask i want 2012 aventador orange 2012 kb white 2011 nightburnerz 350z white (not the 2002 350z or 2011 370z) 2011 mini red 2011 s2000 yellow i got TH 52 Chevy TH65 Chevy Malibu i want other 2012 THs
  2. Hi All, for trade (carded) bmw 2002 orange/white/rx7 black/aventador silver/skyline red or others for aventador orange/kb white/350z white, mini red willy TH/52 Chevy TH/65 Chevy Malibu for any other 2012 THs can swap at Cyberjaya/Putrajaya/Ampang during weekdays or Kota Damansara/Amcorp on weekend Thanks for viewing..
  3. yup correct , i want the ecto-1 in exchange of 2 willys coupe or 1 willy + 1 ducati.
  4. hi All, i got (all carded) ford fiesta kb black m3 white mini challenge blue 458 italia white subaru impreza orange custom77 dodge van black i want (all carded) mini challenge red delorean dmc12 black vw brasilia blue honda s2000 yellow/silver nissan 350z white and 2012 41 willys coupe TH coupe to trade with other 2012 TH or 2 willys for 1 ecto-1 thanks...
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