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  1. Thanks guys! I highly recommend this model... Especially if you are a Knight Rider fan like me :-)
  2. A closer look at the 1/18 KITT >>> And here is a closer look at the scanner feature which I think is pretty cool and perhaps the best looking scanner so far on a scaled model... >>>
  3. The model is made in China as stated underneath KITT :-) >>> And yes, the scanner moves really nicely back and forth.... I did a video of the model at YouTube where you can see the scanner light in action as well as a closer look at the model... >>>
  4. Ask and you shall receive :-) Very nice and sharp interior... The seats especially look so realistic and is actually soft to the touch... Sort of a rubbery feel to it...
  5. I finally got the Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 KITT car! What an impressive piece! Being a big Knight Rider fan that I am, I'm a happy man today!
  6. Yup.. I have that too! Mine is the one from part 1 :-)
  7. I already have KITT! Its really nice...
  8. That Japan KITT is very rare and valuable... I have it too! Along with KARR...
  9. I found the Hot Wheels Retro KITT car yesterday by luck! Only one hanging off the pegs, grabbed it as soon as I saw it... Looks really nice! But I still need the retro Ecto-1 and A-Team van...!
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