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  1. I made this Hot Wheels Wall Tracks with Power Tower and in-car video and would like to share it with everyone. Here is some background: My son's new track setup has 3 separate paths and two individual floor track. Instead of building up the wall like Mattel shows; I have built across so that my son may safely play and reach everything without having to stand on a stool or ladder. Also, I took careful consideration during track layout to keep the floor portion out of the way for when my son is using the wall track portion. The in-car video was done with the Hot Wheels Video Racer. If you are interested in purchasing this car, please check Ebay first as it seems to be 50% of the price at normal retailers for NIB. This track is made up of these separate Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets: 1. Starter Play Set 2. Daredevil curve 3. Downhill Flip Drop (corner not used) 4. Board Walk Blast 5. Drift Rally Spinout 6. Mid-Air Madness (has wall mounted booster) 7. Power Tower NEWEST ADDITION (has powered elevator!) Please note, I used ALL the pieces from each of the above sets EXCEPT for the left corner that came with Downhill Flip Drop. Also, I used 3 boosters on the floor, each before a loop. I will be more than happy to answer. Here is a link to the video: http://youtu.be/pCt2OeZ0uGA and here is a link to the setup from last year, it has more than 42,000 VIEWS and can be found here: http://youtu.be/yi26B8p8meU Thanks for watching and have a Happy New Year
  2. Took this for a photography class. Everyone please enjoy/ Please click on the image to enlarge it!!
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