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  1. You can do so in this thread or you can start a new thread if you like.
  2. I'm opening this section of the forum for discussing and reminiscing about David Cook. Please mind the rules and keep it nice :0)
  3. In case you missed it: Feel free to discuss in the chatbox on the homepage if you are so inclined.
  4. No, the forum was not hacked, no I am not a hacker, but yes, I am the original founder of this forum, which was originally opened to "Rock The Vote" for David Cook and later became the "Word Nerd Home". As you look through the forum you will find all of the member pages that were there when you last visited, there is no change there, but for the time being, they will be "read only". So I hope that you enjoy perusing through the threads. Thanks for being here and remember, being nice matters.
  5. I don't listen to the radio... but I can sure as heck Rock The Request like a beast. I have and WILL continue to do so. Thanks for the reminder Jody!! You... *heh* ROCK my face off
  6. Congrats Jess!! So happy you decided to open up shop here. You go girl!
  7. Just a note for those in area's where you can't purchase iTunes, there IS a way for you to purchase things from iTunes. You just have to paypal money to a trusted person in the states (make sure you add 4% to offset the fee's that the receiver will be charged for the money transfer and make sure you calculate the rate change properly) and hopefully you have a good friend that can do this for you, if not, I've no doubt that one of your WordNerd buddies can help you out with this as well. Then that person will need to GIFT you an iTunes card (which are available in various dollar amounts) and when you register, just use a US zip code and skip the credit card information when it asks for it. And VIOLA! You can now purchase your very own iTunes!! WOOHOO!
  8. You should start this down in the 'Spreading The Word' Radio section!! We've already got a huge list of radio stations to request songs from down there, it would be awesome to have this list down there as well and also as it's a less busy area, it would be less likely to get lost down there! Just sayin *wink*
  9. At this point in time we don't have any plans to do that. There have been discussions about those threads and what to do, but no solid plan is in place as of yet. We'll keep ya updated.
  10. Hey guys, at the top of this section is something that may very well help you out, it's the instructions on how to install a signature. So check it out: Click HERE!
  11. DigiTube FTMFW!! #59 **LiveShowPitJunkie** CHECKIN IN! "Light On" makes me bawl... literally. The next step in the evolution for David and in my opinion, a phenomenal one. Held my breath a bit on the first listen and was rewarded with a sense of amazement of how much has changed, how much David has grown and how very connected to the song I felt already. Crazy stuff I tell ya. And can I just say, I like surprises just as much as the next person, but dangit if I don't like to be the one doing the surprising rather than being surprised mysef *hehe*. In any case, I'm alive, tired and my pillow looks comfie... and inviting... *hehe* so I think I'll go pay it a visit for a while. Dawn... thank you *hugs*. I miss seeing this thread and the early riser that would start it for us every morning *wink*. These little morning check-ins gave everyone a chance to not only touch base with what they had going on, but if you were to ask me... is one of the reasons people came to know one another so well. Cuz I KNOW I'm not the only one who would check this thread every day to find out how people were doin and see who was around. Not to mention... this thread alway provided for some much needed support for one reason or another and comic relief. And on that note... you can't go wrong with a daily check-in Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! (and if not, do something completely random, left of center and MAKE it fabulous *hehe*) CIAO!
  12. If you can find one that is small enough in size, but that's the only way to do so.
  13. Founder-wordnerds


    I guess you'll just have to see what happens *wink*
  14. Heh, thanx for the heads up MandyJoy
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