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  1. To make it really excruciating...COFFEE! (Yeah, right).
  2. Well, when it comes to normal celebrities (Brad & Angelina are not normal...lol), they realize their status, many times have chosen that profession (actors, musicians, etc.), and they know that they will have fans who have a "slightly elevated" interest in their everyday lives. So, I think for the most part, they are allowing us to see and/or know what they want us to know. If they tell us who they're dating, that they're pregnant, where they buy their clothes, how they discipline their children...or WHATEVER, it's because they want us to know. My problem is when they don't say anything and people are snooping trying to find it out. Take Beyonce for instance, revealing her pregnancy in such a public way. Normally, she's the most private person around. Or, Jennifer Hudson is another example. She won't talk about the shooting deaths of her mother and nephew, but she will talk about her weight loss because it's what she wants you to know. I can't imagine why anyone would want to cross those boundaries, which is specifically the reason why I would NEVER want to be famous. It would be cool for about two minutes, then I'd go insane.
  3. Gosh, no. I am such a private person. Having people all up in my business 24-7 would be a total nightmare. Now, being known for something I do well, I don't mind at all, as long as people respect my privacy. I think people should do that anyway. I'll never understand how knowing every detail of a stranger's life could benefit anyone.
  4. You wanna get my blood pressure up, BE LATE! Don't make no sense...LOL! I hate being late, seriously. It'll sort of ruin my whole evening. I think we had cast iron stomachs as children.
  5. Really? Grossest thing ever, and I can't believe I used to eat these but...Mayonnaise Sandwiches. Blech.
  6. I love Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert (is he a comedian?), and Jimmy Fallon, equally. :-) Speaking of comedians, NBC's Brian Williams is a funny guy.
  7. I need to look for something like this in my area.
  8. When it comes to certain things, I do have a lot of them. Like clothes, for instance. I've got lots that still have tags attached. It's sad, really. But, otherwise, I'm a minimalist. I guess. I don't know....lol!
  9. I'm a laptop junkie, and now with the smart phones...I'm hopeless.
  10. I've thought about it plenty. Now, actually doing it? Whole other story!
  11. Yep. My dad's a Viet Nam vet. He was drafted right after he and my mom were married. My oldest sister was born while he was away. When he came home, she'd run from him, screaming. She had no idea who he was. My paternal grandfather was a WWII vet. He had a French girlfriend named Monique. He loved to talk about her all the time, just to get my grandmother riled up. That's just immediate family. I've got uncles, aunts, cousins who served or are still serving.
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