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  1. Under 1 minute. VIP Venue tickets were also sold out. I'm still excited to go though!!
  2. I sold the tickets on twitter but thanks for posting the information.
  3. I'm so proud of him. I hope they show some coverage of David running the marathon.
  4. I don't want to make this thread about Daughtry but I have to say that I loved Chris on Idol. I really liked his first album but didn't even buy the second album. I didn't like the songs that much for some reason. After the recommendation from here, I went to ITunes and previewed the first three songs only before I purchased the album. I'm listening to it now and loving it so far. These are the type of songs I expected from Chris after Idol to be honest. So thanks! And I agree that nobody is better than David. I can't wait for his AI performance!!! edit: After listening to the entire record, I just wanted to add that the overall vibe isn't that different than Daughtry's previous albums but the songs are better IMO and vocally he challenged himself and sounds great.
  5. Eve, is it ok if I use this photo as my new avi? Of course! Enjoy! Thanks!
  6. Eve, is it ok if I use this photo as my new avi?
  7. I forgot how much I miss David's interviews until I saw this. Thanks for sharing! I actually don't mind the hair.
  8. It's just blank for me under David Cook interview with Kelly Urich of ThePoint 99.7: Anybody have a direct link?
  9. Thanks for the stream link. Good luck Stacy, and everyone else! I hope there isn't any drama!
  10. Can someone please send me a PM with the link?
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