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  1. I remember Stacy telling me that he signed her boob!!!!
  2. Looks like many of us had the same idea, coming back "home". So sad and shocked about Michael's passing. Vsteph, he loved Queen so much. He's probably hanging out with Freddie Mercury.
  3. Thanks for the recap! I'm so glad people were quiet during Lie. One of my (many) pet peeves is when he asks for quiet and people can't shut up for the length of one song. Can't wait til Friday!!!
  4. I do agree that he said "my good friend Neal" to make a point. I was hoping Neal would be back with the band. Devin is fine, a talented guitarist, etc., but I never warmed to him like I did to Neal. When David would do all those small appearances, I always got the impression that Neal provided more than just musical accompaniment, that his presence was a real source of support for David. It gave me the warm fuzzies to see him there beside David, silent and inscrutable, like a great Nordic sphinx. Having said that....I don't think the fact that he's not with the band now means anything other than that he's busy doing other things.
  5. When the guys all performed together at Andy's wedding, I figured that all was well once again, and that whatever happened between David and Neal was over. I don't think it's blasphemy to speculate that they were once on the outs. Such is the way of friendships.
  6. Yep - but one of the four was a great lead guitarist - John Lennon. *cough* George Harrison *cough*
  7. I think it is his handwriting. He did the cover art for Analog Heart, and this is a replica of that.
  8. I love it too. I think, for me, it's because Analog Heart represents HIM--his music, his vision, without all the compromises he has had to make with his music since Idol.
  9. Yay! David is finally acknowledging the existence of Long Island! 10/25--89 North, Patchogue, New York.
  10. The way my timeline exploded after that tweet, you'd think that seasonal allergies were fatal.
  11. When I saw him, I just thought "cute little nerd in argyle". And then I saw he was from Blue Springs and I thought, "What is that, their uniform or something?"
  12. A kid from Blue Springs, MO auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance.....wearing an argyle sweater vest. http://www.rickey.org/caleb-brauner-audition-so-you-think-you-can-dance-10/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=caleb-brauner-audition-so-you-think-you-can-dance-10
  13. I also filled out one of the station's online request forms the other day.
  14. I sent a tweet (notice I said a tweet....not a barrage of demanding tweets) to Race Taylor at WPLJ in NYC, saying I hoped he would play LML. He has interviewed David a few times and seems to like him. If anyone at PLJ is going to play LML, it'll be him.
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