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  1. I would take a threesome of Potter and Granger in that scenario!!!
  2. lol I didn't mean to give it up. I'M just not posting here. I get in trouble for having a nose hair out of place here because people have to bitch and complain about NOTHING. That's why I quit.
  3. Oh bullshit! We have a whole fucking forum dedicated to him. Why post here?
  4. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I saw how late you ALL were up lol I still can't believe Jayne stayed up that late lol
  5. I love lefty, I love lefty, I love lefty, I love lefty
  6. I was going to throw a Lovex one in too but I don't want to lose Ville hahahaha And 3 is just too much
  8. Drowning in your own drool. What a way to go hahaha
  9. I'm surprised she hasn't broken ribs with a chest like that lol I don't see how she doesn't fall over from being too top heavy
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