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  1. I just finally caught up on DVR and watched Dave on Idol. It is amazing to me that his voice still does it to me all these years later. I'm sad to see there isn't many posts here anymore, but I guess I'm guilty too. I did want to share that I lost my dad VERY suddenly to an auto accident back in October. Obviously it destroyed and shattered me. But the one thing that was almost cathartic to me was cranking "Wait For Me" and belting it it. It was my connection and release. So odd after all these years that his music is still a part of all life's huge moments. I wonder if he reads his DMs because I really wish I could tell him that.
  2. Had to, sorry I couldn't help it lol. With all the news of the new album, I found myself drawn back here to check on everyone and see how you all are doing. Everytime there's big news. ..MJ's death, album drops, etc I find myself thinking of all of you and wandering back here. Just goes to show how big of an impact this place and all of you had on me. What's crazier is how I manage to remember my password after all these years lol
  3. Ok I meant a smiley after telling you it is good to see you. Smileys must know my mood.
  4. I came here for the same reason Dawtree...Good to see you again I have been thinking of the guys and all you ladies lately, so it's very weird that this happened. Rocked out to "cradle" tonight. Just so very sad and so very sobering. I think a lot of us loved him almost as much as David and it's just very hard to swallow.
  5. Yeah, I knew he had a wife and kid, I just didn't know he left, although I'm not surprised given the reason. I will say, I missed the animal behind those drums Thursday night. Nobody can flail like him lol
  6. Hey Made !! Yeah I miss those good ole days too. I'm still obviously a fan, but haven't been involved as much as I have been in the past. So I was utterly out of the loop when Neal left (Broke my heart) and was shocked when I didn't see Kyle behind the drums Thursday night. Those original boys put on some bad ass shows and on top of that, they were David's best friends. He had them at a time when he needed them the most, but like this new venture, I guess it was time for some of them to spread their wings and go other directions as well. At least this is what I am assuming. I don't know the real reason Neal and Kyle left, but I am super happy Andy is still with him. Those original boys will always be the DWEEB to me lol
  7. It may be the wrong place for this, but WTF happened to Kyle ?? I've been out of the loop for a while and noticed he was missing last night. When and why ??
  8. Skipped over here for the first time in a long time when I heard the news. When I first heard, I had mixed feelings. I was apprehensive, because he no longer has a label and my mind went to the likes of Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, etc and I really didn't want him grouped in the category. At the same time, I was excited...because while I liked DCTR and TLM, they were nothing compared to Analog Heart for me. I felt he has been watered down and overproduced for a long time. Dave does best when Dave does Dave and I really hope he gets the opportunity to do that now, because I am long overdue for the "real" Dave, not the Idol produced Dave.
  9. It was funny after all of the applause and segway into the next song he said "Sorry, that was so damn indulgent" lol
  10. Oh and I just looked at Taft's website and they say no cameras or recording devices allowed.
  11. I haven't traveled to Cincy in years...any idea on how long the drive from Columbus ?? Also, how long was the show at Newport, just trying to figure a rough time I'll get home
  12. I will be at this one. Hubby bought me tickets. We are doing dinner and getting to the venue like right before the show starts. Not gonna lie...kind of excited just to relax and enjoy this one lol
  13. She is probably the one causing the turn of events in this thread...Jody you are soooo sneaky
  14. In Heroes it always sounded to me AND OTHERS lol that the lyric said "I know you're Megan right, you're all I need tonight" I cracked up everytime...still do lol
  15. I remember that like it was yesterday. I remember watching it and saying "huh ?" Then getting on the AI boards and reading posts with the same jist. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Apparently Michael felt David should have some girly calendars to go with his Jager !!
  16. His name was Michael, poor, sweet Michael. When I first talked to him I knew he had no idea what he was getting himself in to. But he was more than accomodating and by the end of it all he was just as excited as we were. I think we may have turned him into a little bit of a "fanguy" lol
  17. aww thanks Barb You are flattering me lol That was an interesting, but amazing experience. Thanks to everyone who trusted me with those gifts !
  18. ok, just found this and feel compelled to bump it. Such great memories
  19. Thanks for all of the well wishes ! It's good to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. I can't believe some of us have known each other since the beginning which seems like forever ago now ! I will say, I got, not involved, but consumed by some not so colorful things that the fan world can sometimes offer and things got pretty heated on occasion. If there is anyone that suffered the wrath of that from me, I want to apologize. Looking back on it all, it was really ridiculous and trivial. But one thing we all can agree on is that we are passionate people and sometimes that energy can get directed in the wrong places. So sorry to some of you that I may have "tangled" with, for lack of a better term. I think it had a lot to do with the issues I was having in my personal life and it spilled over into here. So anywho, enought with the negative. Thanks for welcoming me back and it's good to see all of you
  20. I wasn't sure where to put this mods, so if you need to move it I understand. So the news of Jody's death yesterday brought me back to the forum for the first time in almost 2 years. I was just getting WAY too deep into fandom, it was consuming me, the good and the bad. So I took a break, not from him, just the fan world. Now that I am back and perusing old threads, it's making me a little nostalgic. How this is a family and how much we have all been through together. In that spirit, I would like to update everyone a little about what's happened with me, because apparently a lot can happen in 2 years lol. One of the reasons I left the fan world was the chaos in my own life, I ended a long term relationship that was unhealthy and moved back in with my parents. Well I was lucky enough to experience love at first sight and I got married in July 2010 And just proof positive that the relationships on here are not just "online friendships" one of my WN friends was at my wedding with her husband because we have still maintained a very close friendship. Ok, well I'll quit rambling on about myself now, I just wanted to check in and say hey to everyone and give everyone an update on what I've been up to. Oh and TLM...I haven't nor am I sure I can pick a favorite song lol. He outdid himself, that is for absolute sure.
  21. I too have not been in the forum in a really long time, but I saw Daina's post on Facebook and was shocked. I actually just thought about Jody the other day (you guys always pop into my mind) and wondered how her battle was going and if she had beat it. So, I guess I'm just shocked. I will always remember the white belt thread starting way back to the American Idol forums and how excited she was after Eleanor Rigby. May you rest in peace Jody and may you be surrounded by raspy voices and white belts up there.
  22. Wow, I am really going to try to do this. Ok, my first Declaration tour show was technically Jingle Ball, which is where I really met the vast majority of my "Ohio crew" and some of my closest friends. It was freezing ass cold and Ruthie ended up like deathly ill, but the show itself more than made up for it. 11 shows later ended up with me in Cleveland, Ohio at the HOB. Instead of trying to mini recap each show I am just going to highlight. ~PPB at Jingle Ball and being the first group to see them peform together and hear Permanent. ~ Morgantown, WV standing in line for 10 hours, seeing Eve's eyes roll back when she fainted, hanging out with the guys and laughing at a topless chick running through the streets of Morgantown with Neal and Ryan, then watching Art run after her so he could see, going through the bars on the campus and realizing I am too old for that crazy shit, hanging out with the guys in Bent Willies, following Eve back to her hotel that she so generously let us share at 4am with her jacked up GPS taking us down this dirt country road with animals bigger than our cars, and having a security guy lead us to our room, which seemed to be something straight out of the Shining. ~ Elkins, WV Driving through Deliverance country passing many a porn shops with Ruthie and seeing the log cabin trailer "Welcome Center". Standing in the rain all day long. Ordering pizza and having to go find the delivery guy. Peeing on the side of the road in the Monongahela National Forest, hanging with the guys at the bar and having one epic conversation outside with Ryan about how much Rockstar Supernova sucked and he was glad he didn't win. Sleeping on what I am pretty sure was a concrete floor in Eve and Jeannie's hotel room, waking up thinking Ruthie had left me in WV only to find her asleep in the bathtub. ~ Akron, Ohio Hearing 500 different stories about how the wristband system was going to work, almost getting in a fist fight with a woman from Wisconsin who shoved me when I could not physically move due to all the people up against me, getting pulled up on stage with a glow in the dark halo on my head to play Tambourine for Ryan and forever being known as Tambourine Girl, the first concert after the funeral and Dave being unable to finish lie, being that close to the guys. Meeting the hubby who's name currently escapes me that I sniffed and informed he smelled good and now I am forever friends with his wife. ~ Elyria, Ohio getting up there with Ruthie 20 mins before the show started, meeting a woman that she sold a ticket to in the parking lot and hearing "Hey I know you ! You're Tambourine Girl !", Stopping at a gas station to pee and being informed they only had port a potties and saying hell no and walking into Subway and saying "I don't want food, I just need to pee". ~ Springfield, Ohio my momma's first show, going to eat at Arby's in the typhoon with Rachel, Eve, Jeannie and Hannah and Rachel getting locked in the back of my mom's Jeep because we all made a mad dash for the door and forgot to let her out. The multiple ticket upgrades and trying to peddle tickets to a USED TO BE sold out show in the lobby and ending up coming home with 6 sets of tickets. Meeting Lisa and standing in line to meet David, my mom meeting David...finally. ~ Newark, Ohio 5 mins from my house, the wonderful dinner for 20 I set up at the Italian restaurant, getting half drunk and about to wet myself half way through Ryan's set, watching Ryan all emo fall off the stage then try to cover it up, the Epic cake fight, having so many of my friends in the audience to finally see what I had been seeing all along, having a hypeman like sing along with Nicole at the barricade, Laura finally meeting David, and only having a 5 minute drive home ok, to be continued.........
  23. Wow this was seriously a year ago ?? I remember the pile of used footwarmers in the corner by the door as we were all throwing them there as we were being let in. Then the rude ass Staind fans looking at me like I was crazy because I was absolutely perplexed by the smell of pot at WNCI Jingle Ball. For God's sake we weren't at Ozzfest. That was the start of an absolute whirlwind year that I will never forget. I will be talking about some of my experiences for the rest of my life (scary large animals and a Deliverance like feeling in WV lol) and I have made friends that are life long.
  24. I will ditto everything everyone else said, but add a little more. I was right next to Eve, then during the mad dash ended up with one person between us. I have a bruise from it, but all's fair in Dave and war lol. That man was feeding off the energy I tell you. It was like a mini, less violent mosh pit. We were all jumping up and down to the beat, after 11 concerts, I can honestly say this one was the best bar none. It was so god Eve, Jeannie, and I were high fiving (after we realized, thanks to Missy, that our purses weren't stolen)
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