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  1. Oh my, David looked so great last night and those pictures are super of him! The only bad thing about last night was the annoying people paying more attention to the camera than the artists a lot of the time, but otherwise it was a great show, David was awesome!
  2. Rats, I missed it, thanks for posting that, will have to check it out. I did see David on the Red Carpet thing, but the ET thing during the weekend, not sure if that is even on here, or if it is, it's on very late. Oh well, I'll see David again
  3. Wow!! So proud of him! I bought the Walmart version yesterday and expecting a couple Amazon ordered ones today, my daughter wanting one of them, she loves it too!! Love the cd! And being number 1 on itunes, wow, wow, wow!! So happy!
  4. I think David just keeps proving how nice and gracious he is! Just loved the interview and I'm sure he'll do well, so looking forward to the cd! Don't understand the Archie girls comments, but David took it better than what I would have done if I had heard that and was nearby. Can't wait until November 18th!
  5. I too love smiley David!! he's got such a wonderful, wonderful smile and laugh!! Thanks for the wonderful pics!!
  6. Hi Paulafree, thanks for the congrats. She's thinking of still doing music stuff in college or going into art or cooking. She's good with music, loves singing in the choir and she's pretty good at art. Yeah, those IEP's I learn a lot from and what goes on in the school. I agree with the homeschooling, I don't know how they do it, it's admirable, but I am not organized at all so it wouldn't do me any good to try that.
  7. Tweeties, I think it could be taxes or something, not sure 100 percent why we had to move back here, besides the fact that a lot of his relatives live here, not all but some(and some have passed on since we moved here). When we lived in other states, our cars were registered Iowa.
  8. I have 2 kids who have had troubles with comprehending things once in awhile, they have a teacher who occasionally helps when she can, it can be hard for certain classes for my 2 youngest, some they do fine in though and I'm thankful for that, but comprehension is a big thing for my 2 youngest. My oldest kid didn't have any problems. I have to go to IEP meetings once a year, one for my daughter, one for my youngest kid. My daughter graduates from high school in May. I'm so proud of them, through the good and bad times.
  9. Hi Tweeties! yeah, if I didn't live here, I would think the same thing as you with the corn, LOL. When my husband retired from the military, we had to come back to his homestate of Iowa. Oh well, just have to live with it, lol.
  10. I don't mind the Ravens either and I love hockey! I'm a Wild fan! (And Anaheim's top minor league club is now the Iowa Chops, yes I live in Iowa, lol). Love football and hockey!
  11. Ooh, a football thread! Love football!! Oh, oh, somebody mentioned the Steelers beating my Vikings a couple weeks ago, lol. I'm a Vikings fan. Been a fan since 1972, when I was 10. My late mother loved them too! The Chiefs I don't mind, and I like the Colts as well. But no one beats my Vikes, not even Dave's Chiefs. Go Vikings!
  12. Good morning everyone! Good to be back in here, wasn't feeling too well last week, but doing better now. Hard to believe tour is almost over with, hopefully David will stop in Iowa when he does his solo tour(of course sometimes I wonder what is in this state anyway, lol, I'm not originally from here, originally from Minnesota).
  13. I'm not a person who goes to bars, but let's just say that video is the best!! Love it when they can just be their selves and not have to worry about being pitching or good dancers, or whatever, I just love the video!!! And I second the fact that whoever took that and posted it on the tube, I wish I could thank them!! Love the hugs at the end too!
  14. I'm not sure, I kind of wish I could post it myself so others who dont have myspace can see it. He does say something about the ending of the PDSTM number
  15. Hi Tweeties, thanks for the nice welcome. Yeah, hopefully I can see his solo tour someday. Im sure he'll come to Iowa sometime
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