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  1. Thanks for all the recaps and pictures. I'm glad everyone had a great time last night. I really wish I could have gone and was thinking about you all.
  2. I hope everyone has fun tonight. It totally sucks that I can't go now and I'm only going to be 10 minutes away from The Fillmore at another event in uptown. It really makes me want to cry Glad it's not raining anymore, but hope that it warms up a little more for those in line now.
  3. Sad story. I can't go to the show now because I forgot I committed to photograph an event back in August and I can't back out of it. Plus my cousin is leaving for basic training for the navy and is flying out of Charlotte the next day so, that's will be the last time I see her 'til Feb. or March. I can't believe that the show going to be like 5 or 10 minutes from the event I'm going to be at and I can't go.
  4. Yeah on Wednesdays they run specials on tickets, but it varies from week to week. Sometimes they don't have fees or 2 for 1 tickets. You just have to check every Wednesday and hope you can catch the best deal.
  5. Technical when they missed school in April it was a different school year. Since it would be in December it's a brand new school year. I would justify your actions that way so, no that wouldn't make you a bad Mom.
  6. It's awesome that David is being part of this. Extreme Makeover came to Charlotte last August and I got to go to the reveal and it was amazing the amount of people that were there. I could have volunteered because one of my friends had some connections with the producers, but of course I had to work i was just glad I was able to go support the family when they came back to see their new house. I just hope David has an awesome experience helping with this project.
  7. I'm glad that everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing all your pics and videos. I'll have to watch all the vids when I get out of class today, but I'm looking forward to see them
  8. I think that would be a great idea. One of my favorite bands MuteMath did a VIP package. It was $49 and included a listening party to hear the new album before the release, a digital copy of the album, shirt, & poster. It also included a first in line pass to get in the show and a VIP reception before the concert. We also got a hard copy of the CD and a vinyl copy because the bands record label messed up with getting the VIP's their digital copy of the album on the release date. Plus, in every city they're trying to get the VIPs together before date to hang out and get to know each other and to work together to help promote the band. The price that I paid for the VIP package isn't bad at all.
  9. Voted, but the weird thing is that when I was voting for favorite male artist and i clicked on cast vote it kept on going back to the page. I kept on voting for David and I hope that they all count
  10. It was nice to meet you to Val. If you're coming to the Charlotte show in December maybe we can hang out then
  11. Here's the link for you http://s586.photobucket.com/albums/ss305/carolinagirl923/David%20Cook%20at%20SC%20State%20Fair/
  12. Even with the rain and the cold, it was another epic show tonight. I was expecting it would be completely packed, but there were a lot of seats left in the bleachers. The crowd was great though. I just wish he would have done one song without the guitar. It would have made my night even better. My favorite part of the night was when the two people in the first and second rows had signs with the words to "Declaration" in them. It was funny afterwards how David said that it was like having his own teleprompter and he need to take them on tour with him because he can never get the words to the songs right. Also my favorite banter moment was definitely the his story about the deep fried oreo. Now I will shut up and post some pictures for you. It was hard to choose which ones to post cause I took over 160 , but I hope you enjoy them
  13. I'm about to leave for Columbia. I'm so excited for this show. I'll probably be tweeting during the show so, if anyone wants to follow me there's a link at the bottom of my siggy to my tweeter.
  14. Haha!!!!! I was just as surprised about how I looked when I saw the pics. You should have seen me after the Carrboro show. i was a hot mess because it was freaking hot in there. The only reason I looked that way is because they had these two huge fans on and it was freezing in the club.
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