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  1. I loved how pissed off Danko was and u could see it all over his face!
  2. lol about Holy crap being the new yata! I bet Tracy will go after Danko! I love also how Sylar totally framed Danko!!! EPIC! That was cool when Peter was the president and Sylar was having a shapeshifting malfunction! lol
  3. I laughed at that^ too! And Im glad Im not the only one who disagrees with Angela and Noah's choice! I found it to be a selfish act on her part just cause she wanted her son back...boo hoo get over yourself grandma lol
  4. Sylar is technically gone, well physically, so no more hottie Zach Quinto!!! lmaooo it was good though, Hiro is stupid for ignoring Suresh and Ando tho! And omggg I don't care about Tracy! Why did they bring her back?!
  5. OMFG! HEROES FAILS FOR LIFE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE But I have a feeling that next season will be all about "Redemptions" for everyone-ESPECIALLY Nathan
  6. oh sorry, I kinda worded tht wrong lol I meant the stupid spoiler
  7. Wait the last episode or the epic fail plot twist that Tim Kring came up with? lol
  8. OMG! That's^ what me and my dad thought! I was lmaoing when Micah was sitting their watching him do it!
  9. Ughhhh noooo! How is that possibly happening?!?!?! TIM KRING EPIC FAILS AT LIFE lol And yeah that episode was great! I loved how he would talk, then shapeshift into his mom to talk and then back again! Very Norman Bates-Psycho-ish
  10. NOOOOOO!!! NExt week the spoiler I heard is coming true!!!!! >. But last night was really interesting....*after pulling out pocketknife from back of head* "That hurt..."
  11. Yeah 2nite looks really good!!! All about Sylar? What is there not to like? But ughhh! If the spoiler Iheard is true, idk what I'll do....DEFINETLY NO MR.BENNET DANCE!
  12. OMG! I HEARD A MAJOR ARSE SPOILER LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!! DO you wanna know it??? Oh and I heard that the major character coming back was Claude (AKA- Invisable Man) And yeah tht was interesting. I liked the black kid. he did what Matt does.
  13. Yeah, Tracy already died, Claire can't, it would be nice to see it be Angela lol jk, but I think its either her, Nathan or even Mohinder? :O And Alice could be a major villian! Control of the weather? yeah that's actually pretty awesome! As long as its not Sylar!!!
  14. All I can say about the ending is- OH NO HE DIDN"T! And this episode didn't keep my interest as much as I thought it would :/
  15. Oh yeah! Cause Candice (ick!) was originally a fairly large woman and when she died as the red head, she turned back into that original not attractive person she was. And this guy died as Sylar but never turned back to what he was....EPIC FAIL! lmao And u should be pleased
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