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  1. I finally have a chance to catch up... This interview was fun! I loved it!
  2. I voted for the eagle, but in all honesty, I love them all. And, if he ever gets sleeves, oh, my, I would die!
  3. Just Until Sundown- Further Seems Forever
  4. I already miss him too. I was only able to go to one show this tour, so that was a huge bummer for me. My other favorite band is going on tour soon and I am pretty excited about that, but it's not the same excitement...
  5. Aaagh, I had to watch this again last night with the hubby. He was not as impressed as I.
  6. Omg, that would be awesome! I hope he's nominated... he so deserves to be!
  7. Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional
  8. I Want To Hear You Sad- The Early November
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