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  1. she's a cutie Debra my mom may be adopting a Siamese kitten from a Pet rescue her she applied to get him now she just has to wait and see if she gets him
  2. I am jealous of everyone here who has seen and or met David and those who will this tour around meanwhile my lame ass still has no money to see him or anyone to go with
  3. I'm hoping I will be able to see him this tour finially
  4. A Philly date Nice hopefully this tour will turn out to be the tour where I finially get to see David atleast once but I'm not counting on it
  5. Sorry about your Kitty Debra that sucks but sounds like she lived a long life even if she was sick for a while. 20 is pretty old for any animal
  6. There needs to be one why is there no highlighter option?
  7. I hate all of you that already saw David or will see him
  8. you're Lucky Lori I wanted to go to the Idol your that year but I had no money nor means to get to the closest venue or anyone to go with unless I went with my mom or something so I never got to see Michael Johns it really is a shame that he had to die so soon. I loved him almost as much as I love David. Can we all just mail ourselves to David and give him a big hug and never let go?
  9. I loved Micheal Johns almost as much as I love David and I wish I could have seen him but I didn't have money or anything to go but any of you who did are lucky
  10. if we're all this sad over Michael Johns's Death imagine how it will be if it's ever David. It's so sad Why does god take so many individuals who are so talented away from the world far too soon only 35 such a shame Michael Johns was still so young and had so much left to live for he will be missed for sure. Considering how close he and David were in their season of Idol David must be devestated at this
  11. damn tall kid she'd make me look like a shrimp
  12. Is your daughter really that Tall Annette or are you just that short? lol
  13. I'm sure we're all waiting I have yet to see him live still but I sware I'll make it one day problem is I never really have anyone to go with me or money for tickets so I keep missing him when he comes around
  14. wow time has gone by fast Neva. How is everyone?
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