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  1. I haven't logged into this site in quite some time but I had to when I heard about Jody, such sad, sad news, cancer is a terrible thing. Jody will be greatly missed, thoughts and prayers with her family
  2. Hey guys!!! I'm doin good I know I'm getting antsy for new Dave album too - 2 years = too long!
  3. 1. Let Go 2. Heroes 3. Daily Anthem 4. Makeover 5. Avalanche 6. Billie Jean 7. Silver 8. Mr Sensitive 9. Barbasol 10. Creep Hard to make a list haha! How's everyone doin?
  4. OMG, if he ever performed Let Go live, there would be a lot of WNs who would (including me, LOL!!) IKR? Everyone would be passed out on the floor. lol. I love your AVI btw. Ryan looks adorable.Thanks! Ryan is cool people, love that dude
  5. OMG, if he ever performed Let Go live, there would be a lot of WNs who would (including me, LOL!!)
  6. Hey Stacy!! Cool, I will tune in for as much as I can, looking forward to it!
  7. Hey there!!! Yes I know I need to stop by here more often! (I be a slacker lol) And yea the anticipation for the album is killer! Also, what time is the live stream?
  8. Hey ya'll, just wanted to pop in and say I cannot wait for the new album (and following tour, lol). Think this one's gonna be epic
  9. Thanks everyone, missed all you ladies! Yes Barb, hope to see him back in FL soon!
  10. So anything new and exciting happening? I've been sort of out of the loop with the David news - I was watching the Idol finale and at first I was like "OMG where the heck is David?!!" Since he was the only Idol winner not there - then I was told he was at a charity event, which is definitely cool (still missed him though LOL). Anything else new? What's shakin?
  11. Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop a line and say HI since I feel like I haven't posted here in ages!!
  12. Anyone else totally in love with these talented Irish hotties? They are great live!
  13. Wow feel like Ive been out of the loop of the DC fandom for a loooonngg time. I will be at the show tonight though! Super excited, haven't been to a DC concert since May!
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