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  1. Jeannie, Thank you for sharing. It is nice to know that he loves us back!!
  2. I loved being apart of it! Giving back is what it is all about! He has given so much of himself to us, his fans! He took a lot of chances and we were there to back him unconditionally. I know we will continue to do so!! And it has given him faith in us that we will always back him, and he can be himself.
  3. publicist, promoting only positives and the he can do anything persona in the entertainment business, this I truly believe!
  4. I am a teacher. I love genealogy, history, gardening, and all crafts. I have a very full life and still manage to keep up with DC. I have 2 sons that have local bands. One son looks a lot like DC, that is what first caught my eye. David won me over with his personality and voice. I enjoyed the AI forums and all of you word nerds and I look forward to making new memories on this site!
  5. Over forty and I can relate to most of the post on this thread! By the way, how do we create an avatar on this site? Thanks!
  6. My hubby is channel surfing and watching Indiana Jones.
  7. I am the same. How do you create an avatar on this site?
  8. David has such a pure caring heart!
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