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  1. the big house sizes that gives 26000 coins..
  2. i really want the new wonderland CC items (rose, mad hater and queen) and i want 3 of each V_V i know.. its a lot.. but i want for me and a couple of friends i have BBs.. please tell me how much for yours (hope not too much) thanks!
  3. thanks so much for your patience. added rep
  4. kanoknun: sure NessQ: will send noww..
  5. mimi: each set is 6x3333 and each cloth 4x3333 nessq: ok
  6. Nessq: sorry 12 for both sets thanks dawn!
  7. miniberry: okkkkkki kanoknun: please pmd me a message of what u wanted.... bebehava: ok hun.
  8. dawnbrans sure sweety LoveGameXox... noo.. WAY too low for me
  9. each set of clothing is 6x3333 and each individual is 3x3333
  10. im back, i will answer questions from this post on. i dont want to look back xD
  11. in casse u havent read.. im on hold...
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