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  1. OMG HOT! I totally approve!
  2. Aww what a sweet man. We love you David! Adam will be missed and remembered as a great man!
  3. Congrats Stacey!! Im so happy you were able to get it to him and that he loved the first one and this one so much! Im sure he will have a great time reading them! And when i picture him with the first volume on his bookshelf for some reason i just got this MTV cribs image of him going through his house and then taking out his S&S book and thanking everyone on television lol
  4. Hey! Im in the background of the pic with your daughter? (im guessing thats your daughter sorry if im wrong lol) and Andy! haha and you got a pic of Andy signing my cd cover! lol Thank you!! Mind if i steal that one? haha
  5. And just so everyone knows this is my facebook lol. Thanks for posting it for me! i was so busy anc couldnt get to it lol
  6. mmmm wonder who the peeps are? friends or random college peeps? LOL. Well either way, she gets to sit on his lap. Lucky girl. The girl from the picture was actually with the guys and Ryan Star. She was with them like around the buses and stuff. So its not just a random girl its someone who was actually with them
  7. Hey guys sorry Im so late Ive been so busy these days! Im sure you've already got a full recap of the banter and such. It was really an awesome show! The oys were all in such good spirits and were having alot of fun up on stage. I was able to get Davids autograph but he was so rushed and crowded he didnt seem to want or have time to stop and take pics. I did however get to meet talk to and get pics with the rest of the boys! they are all such great guys its unbelievable! They are all so sweet and appreciative and so laid back and easy to talk to =). Anyway I had a damn good spot 2nd ish row pretty much right on the stage so i got some pretty good pics! I dont feel like posting them all here cuz it is sooo many but ill post the link to my myspace album and you can go check em out. You cann feel free to use them wherever just be sure to credit me if need be =) Thanks Guys!! http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=18005006&albumId=2737489
  8. Im going! Its tommorrow! EXCITEMENT!! Sorry for all of you who couldnt go
  9. OMG im so late to coming back to this and i cant believe its all over! But OMG those last chapters were so sweet. That last chapter where he propesed had me in tears! You truley have a gift Eileen! Thank you somuch for doing this for us for a whole year! You are amazing! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
  10. HAHA aww that was so funny yet too adorable!
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