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  1. thanks for posting the transcripts! I was so bummed that Canadians couldn't do the chat thing, but the transcripts make up for it! yaaaaaaay!
  2. .......uh, well... yeah.. hmm... I have nothing appropriate to say about that.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^ AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *kicks mind out of gutter* Yeah, for some reason or another, he randomly lets some comments be posted and not others... strange. and they're always on random days... hmm? lol
  4. he's online now, as i type this. erm. i wish he had msn! lol that'd be so intense... i take that back, he'd be bombarded with conversations and his computer would explode and probably injure him, so yeah no, i take that back.
  5. omg lol! I just read through this thread, too funny. a bra with davids face on each cup...LMAO davey-covered-boobies! ...oh dear!
  6. ^^^ ooh ideas... hmmm heart (obviously) a word (if everyone got the same font, they could get their own word, just a word that really means something to each individual, cause you know.. we are 'word' nerds... lol) ....thats all i got, for now.
  7. I was awake, I was out with my friends from Theatre, but it was still funny. I love her, she is the most awesome best friend I could ever ask for. She totally embraces my David-obsession and always mentions David things when she can, and tries hard to remember stuff I tell her so she can bring it up and make me smile when I'm upset. lol
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