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  1. David is the default pic on Ellen's Facebook profile for today http://www.facebook.com/inbox/updates.php#/ellentv?ref=nf
  2. Oh my. I think I love you. LOL.
  3. aww, my adam but congrats to kris! anyone else notice how much of last year's finale they replicated? even kris's winning moment behind the judges table, lol.
  4. I'd be very thankful for an audio and video Actually, no worries - I requested one over at DCO already. Thanks though, guys!
  5. And thanks for posting the vid scarred. scarred for life.
  6. He looks like he's been in Cali for too long... he's turning surfer XD
  7. But didn't they have a musical theme last year on Idol? Just sayin'.
  8. I LOVE Adam to pieces, he is my favourite this season. But I will never become as enthralled with him as I was with David last season... too much danger!!!
  9. Dangit, you lucky filipinos!!!! Dangit Mall Of Asia!!! Ahhhh, if only I could afford a ticket over there for then!!! Must. Tell. Relatives!! Next announcement: LONDON, pleeease
  10. Ya know, at least he probably isn't thinking about wearing
  11. Joey: DUUUUUUDE, I look totally awesomme... now someone take my guitar so I can breakdance - hip hop jazzercize styyyle!!!
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