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  1. I saw the video and it is absolutely great!!!!!!! I ended up down loading ITunes so I could view it.......now I see it is posted on utube. I just couldn't wait to see it! I bet he will read it! I could just tell by his reaction. Thank you RealityTV for all your hard work and effort you put into this book for all of us!
  2. Hey everyone! Did RealityTV post her video yet of the book delivery? I saw 3 pictures but that was it. If so could someone please put up a link here of it for me. THANKS!
  3. OMG- A video will be so great! I hope very, very, very, much that you get a chance to give it to him personally at one of the concerts you are attending.
  4. Heya everyone! Happy Wednesdave! Anyone who is attending upcoming concerts please give us details on the....spoiler thread. Please, please, please, please, give us details of any encounters you get at the meet and greets with our one and only David Roland Cook. I'm sooooooooo looking forward to the stories/ pictures! RealityTV please tell us if you get to personally deliver the book to him.
  5. Hi everyone! Itssssssssssss Tuesdave!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to listen to the concert tonight via cellcast. If I cant be at all the concerts, well then....... this is the closest I will get to it. LOL!!!
  6. So what I can gather is he shaves his chest! LOL!!! Hotness! I always loved this pic even when I saw it many months ago for the first time.
  7. Awww...I'm reading this thread (tearing, laughing, sighing) and remembering all the happy times and fun we had. I miss those days........but we have so many better ones to come! Thanks DCCrazy for starting this thread. I needed it!
  8. Haha- Well atleast we are spending our money on him! Reali- I have stayed at the trump hotel in Jersey many times and its really nice and well worth the money.
  9. Your not alone.....I heard it today at my summer job (director of summer rec.)and almost freaked out. I cranked up the radio and all the kids were dancing and stuff, they loved it! I am converting these kids into mini cookies. Hahaha
  10. What a cute story! You should give him a copy of Analog Heart. I'm sure it will change his mind about his favorite.
  11. I was just rereading this threads' title again and it cracks me up everytime I read "Face it girls, we're older and HAVE more MONEY." LOL!! ****Pondering thoughts to DC- See David we CAN support ourselves.......... and we would be wonderful moral support to you and anything else you would need for that matter......hmmmmmmm just thinking.
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