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  1. Oooh, good question! I think this might be mine: 1) TWIK 2) Avalanche 3) Declaration 4) Man in the Box 5) Lie 6) Breathe Tonight 7) Kiss on the Neck 8) Heroes 9) Bar-ba-sol 10) Silver 11) Permanent 12) The Truth 13) CBTM 14) Make Me (Andy on lead) 15) ADAM
  2. Hi all, I have tickets to the Del Mar show on June 18th for sale. Section 5, row 5. If you're interested, PM me. Thanks!
  3. Hi all! I am selling two tix for this show. Seats are located in floor 5, row 5. If anyone is interested, PM me. Thanks!
  4. Holy crap, Sarah. Now I'm sentimental. Gah! It's always touched me that Andy, who clearly hopes for a career as a lead singer/solo artist, would take a job singing/playing backup for Dave. I suppose he could be motivated by practical reasons, like exposure and $$$. But I prefer to think he does it because they're friends, and he wants to support Dave.
  5. I think I'm hallucinating that he's barefoot. It's really too mindblowingly sexy that it can't possibly be real... Hmm, am I overreacting? Nope. Nope. Not overreacting.
  6. How did you get those? I am so jealous! How many did you get? Congratulations -- I'm happy for you. Ticketmaster sucks! They don't give best available right when you log in at 10am. I think it's just random seats. I was getting shit seats and kept throwing them back for about 3 hours and finally scored those at 1:15pm. I was almost gonna give up and try tomorrow at 10am, in case they hold some good seats for the actual day of sale. Good thing I tried one last time! If you don't get what you want, toss and keep trying! That's crazy that you got such great seats! Congratulations! I tossed back seats for hours and never got into the single rows - closest I got for 4 seats together (maybe that was my problem) was CC.
  7. I'm planning on going if tix are still available after the students pick them over.
  8. Well, I'm not a student but I do plan on going to this show. Maybe the show will be GA. If not, good seats or not, it'll be great to see him again.
  9. That performance should have placed much higher. Seriously.
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