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  1. Sure! There were two taken and I'll share them both, just for Kyle and Neal who were particularly goofy that night OMG I haven't posted here in like 2 years! But Kathy seduced me in here to look at the boys pics! Cute pics! I love them! And of course I love the fact that David and Andy have matching hoodies.
  2. Ahaha. I know! That was a great evening despite Neal's not giving me any love. Oh but he DID play Til I'm Blue so I am still going to pretend that was a shoutout for me. The advantage ot never having to met the man is that I am free to deluge. I love you so much Neal! LOL.
  3. Guys! Thank you for squeeeeing with me. I love him so much! And I love you guys!
  4. The only show I ever went, which was at House of Blues in NOLA, Neal did not come out after the show. He made a bee line from the venue exit to the bus while everyone else was hanging out snapping pics with the fans, playing with dublin, and what not. David was even riding a bike that a fan brought to have him sign. So Neal remains to be my forbidden fruit. But maybe that is how it should be, because he is my eternal rock star. Tawnee said after the G'boro show at the barricade, he came in front of her and she mentioned that she was "a friend with Yoko, your HUGE fan." Then Neal said "Oh, yoko from the internet, unfortunately I haven't met her yet." *yoko flails* LMAO at "yoko from the internet." Where else am I supposed to be from? Haha. At any rate, I was getting pregnant with Neal's baby without ever meeting the man. LOL. I am forever your FANGurl, Neal!
  5. Woohooo check out my avi. Thank you Tawnee!
  6. Dudettes! I'm gonna try to do this. My entire extended family will be in my house for that week, so I'll have to see if any of my nieces and nieces-in-law wanna come with me.
  7. I heard about this on the radio, and just saw this. Possibly October 4th in Gretna? That's a loooong trip from Canada to New Orleans, though. http://www.jeffparish.net/downloads/3753/6713-GretnaFest2009PressRelease.pdf
  8. Aaawwww, come on Kathy.... embrace the 'stache. You KNOW you wanna I died
  9. I had NO CLUE what David was wearing or aything at the HoB show until he came out after the show to meet the fans. I didn't have anything for David to autograph so I got none. I had a thing for Neal to sign but he never came out. I had Andy sign JaB CD booklet.
  10. I sorta passed out after Til Im Blue and I don't really remember the rest of the show. All I remember is, that, Neal was making out, right in front of me, in his larger-than-life stage persona. Yes he glowed. His hands were a lot larger than I imagined, or I guess his guitars are smaller than I imagined. I don't know which. And OH GOD he BEND-and-SNAPPed zillion times right in front of me.
  11. Awwww I had a great show, though, so it's all good! Neal, in his bigger than life stage persona, shredding the guitar right in front of me. That's a sensation I will remember til the day I die. I'm glad you made it home safe!
  12. Ugh, this is exactly what's going to make him NOT come out anymore. I'm glad he just ignored her, though. I would hope that if he DID bring Dubs by her.. he'd bite her arm. Oh the bitch lady was so drunk it wasn't too hard to ignore her. I mean, she was totally not standing on the same earth as we were. Haha.
  13. Everyone EXCEPT FOR NEAL (boo) came out and signed autographs and stuff. I got an autograph from Andy on my Judging a Bullet booklet. But I didnot "meet" other guys. They were taking their time, though, so anybody who wanted a hug and autograph got one.
  14. OK y'all. I'm still alive. I did almost pass out but I had a few kind ppl behind me who offered help. Watching Neal making out with his guitar from only within 6 ft was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. He was right there, like a well-proportioned greek statue, fucking shreadding his black beauty. I had my mouth opened the whole time. Then they played Til Im Blue. I couldn't breathe and I turned blue. Haha. I nearly passed out from screaming. And in the end, I cried like a baby. It was a catharsis. After nearly a year of obsessing, dreaming, hyping, I am finally ready to move on as a regular fan as supposed to a crazy obsessd fan. Neal I love you forever and I will catch as many shows as I can to watch you make love again and again.
  15. It was an amazing show. And thanks for the pics. I had no idea what David looked like. I was totally transfixated on Neal. Haha. Watching Neal making out with his guitar from within 6 ft was just beyond anything I could have imagined. I will remember what I saw and heard there for the rest of my life. And HolyFreakingShit they played Til Im Blue. I flipped out, forgot to breathe (and turned blue haha), and cried afterward. In the end, it was a catharsis, and rather anticlimatic. I mean, with all the hypes and dreams, now I have something real in my memory. Thank you Neal. I love you forever. I think now I can move on as a regular fan as supposed to an obsessed fan. PS. I met many fans from here. I'm proud to belong to HOTWN. There were some weird fans starting a bitch fight and stuff. Unreal!
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