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  1. Made, I thought he said "wordy" as well... David in an interview...no body does it better...and her looks adorable...even while he is morphing into whatever that was.
  2. This thread just makes me so excited. I don't get to come here often, but when I do -- it's just the best place to be and the best DC buzz a girl could want to find on this . Just so he doesn't name the album PORK BEANS like a poster suggested on a site I read somewhere.
  3. Guess 1 - Independent Guess 2 - Tattooed Guess 3 - Point of View
  4. David Cook...to a man who has been at the top of my list of people who have most affected my life and continue to do so. Thanks for teaching me that you are never too old look for heroes. The ones in my life, I appreciate more because of you. I hope you are having an awesome and happy life.
  5. I love it that no matter how much time passes since I visit the Home, that I can come in, and every single detail of what David has been doing is covered so initimately, in such great detail, and in real time or nano seconds after it happens. This place is just awesome! DCO may be David's official site, but my bet is the Word Nerd Home is where he comes to kick back and read what his fans are saying without having to sift through a bazillion posts and pointless comments, to get a real feel for how fans are responding to what he has been up to and what he has planned. I know it must feel great to him to have this group that has their finger on the pulse of all that is David; a place that is nonthreatening and nonjudgemental, and people who love him for the true muscian that he is and the man that continues to recognize the love we have for him and that he has for us - since day one - that relationship has never waivered. Since I am only here occasionally, I do not know most of you, but I love and appreciate every one of you for all that you do for David and for word nerds like me who have limited ability to participate. Just wanted to say...you are the best!
  6. Blockbuster Preference: David Cook with a band name - or without, if David Cook is NOT in the name.
  7. Down with Love - Michael Buble
  8. I don't get to the home much, but I do always know that it is home when I come here...whether I know everyone or no one...we all have the same thing in common when it comes to David - we all claim a piece of his heart...and he always has a piece of ours - and with that, comes all of the happiness and brokeness that his and our human hearts can feel. I am so gratefull that because of the Home, none of us are alone when we feel broken or when we are filled with joy in all that happens with David. In the beginning David said his inspiration came from his brothers....in the end David honored Adam's inspiration by finishing his race. It was such a symbolic act of love; and so David. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have "known" Adam, Kendra, their children; his parents, Andrew, through David's opportunity; we would have never known of their courage had he not won. I pray for their continued strength and peace in knowing that Adam is no longer hurting and is healed. Love to you all.
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