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  1. PS...line numbers STILL have NOTHING to do with the actual seat you will get once you get IN the venue. That is all still up to you. It just assures you that you have a place in line to go into the venue and GET your seat. Seating is all still first come first served. You are just guaranteed a certain position in the line. Does everyone understand that???
  2. Thanks Mary- I was just coming to post!!! Just got confirmation from event staff- they reiterate DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 5AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Also-- please encourage your friends NOT to camp out all night- it's NOT NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This information is not really being shared with the general public-- we arranged it and it's really for US. So...just be smart. There are only about 150 of us...and since it's most important for us- we need to be up front representing and that is why this was done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The VIP tickets DO say gen admin. ALL of them say that- it's the $$ amount listed that matters.
  4. I was JUST coming to post it Jul-- thanks SOOOO much for being one step ahead!!! I'm in a hurry!!!! See you all there!!! Big hugs!!! ~Mitsy
  5. Bump Bump!!! Don't forget to join and send us your dessert recipes. I KNOW you kids have some awesome stuff to share. Let's make this the greatest dessert cookbook EVER!!! Updates weekly on the FB page. Come on!!! Submission deadline is FAST approaching. Youkindoit!
  6. Hi Ladies- I'd like you all to consider joining me in this very worthy cause and submitting your favorite dessert recipe for the cookbook. A new blog is up at David's Cookie Jar, outlining our latest charitable project: http://davidscookiejar.org/blog/?p=344 There's also a Facebook Cause page here: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/2307...385?m=2c16bad3 (join with ME!) Go dig out your most awesome recipe and send it in! And please tell all your friends. Feel free to re-post these links. Thanks! HUGS, Mitsy Recipe Submission Guidelines To submit an entry, send your recipe along with a short note to Terri Murdock at terrimurdock @ msn. com . (remove spaces) Please include 'DCJ Cookbook' in the subject line. If your recipe is chosen, you will be credited in the book and will receive the opportunity to purchase the cook book before it goes on sale to the public. We are interested in dessert recipes - cakes, cookies, pies, etc. The recipe does not have to be an original one, but it should be one that you love. If you want to include a brief anecdote related to the recipe, please do. (It will be edited for length and other considerations.) **DEADLINE FOR RECIPE SUBMISSIONS IS MARCH 31, 2009**
  7. Hey Crossword- any chance there is a list out there somewhere of all the TV Guide issues Dave has been in since last January? I'm going through my past issues and without re-reading each and every one for Idol Chat info, etc. I'd like to discard the ones there is no mention of he and the "crew" in. For now, I've just saved everything from January on...and I'm hoping there is a compilation of this particular info/mag somewhere. Help??? Thanks, Happy New Year!!! Mitsy
  8. I am one of those who was unaware of the issue with the iTunes pre-order because I have NO FORUM TIME lately! BOOOOOOOOOO!!! (House repairs are taking all my time and energy!!!) However, I am so thankful this morning that after an HOUR chat with iTunes regarding THEIR issue and inability to rectify my problem- that SOMEONE has posted this bonus track. Bless Ya!!!! I am grateful and VINDICATED!!! Hugs, - Hope EVERYONE is enjoying the album now! Mitsy OMG- PS... I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  9. OMG- what a LONG LONG LONG 5 weeks. My husband assures me that we do indeed have power back in HALF of our house as of 10:30pm tonight (yes, a BIG shout-out to Centerpoint Energy for working OT tonight to get this done) so he will get to sleep with a/c for the first time in 5 weeks. I can finally say "Light On" and NOT be ONLY referring to David's new single!!!! Our house sustained some heavy damage. I'm thankful we have a house to come home to but there is MUCH MUCH MUCH to be done!!! Can you send me about 5 maids to help me with clean-up??? Pretty please? Insurance didn't cover THAT! It will take me DAYS- with a toddler in tow to get all this done and I'm NOT NOT NOT looking forward to it. LOL. Hugs to you all and I hope that your efforts were appreciated, Mitsy
  10. Just DC for me!!!!!!!!!! Pack him up and send him FIRST CLASS!!! HUGS, me
  11. Can you FED-EX me some freakin' POWER????? We are currently staying evenings with my parents- to have a/c and computer time...and during the day waiting...patiently...for our power to be restored. Oh...did I mention that my entire BLOCK has power but we don't? Cuz we have a TREE on our lines that pulled our breaker box off the house???? GUH!!!!! We're not allowed to touch said tree or box until the power company comes to take care of it though. JEEBUS this is rotten! Thank GOOSENESS for David Cook right now- just thank goodness! LOL. Hugs to you all, Mitsy
  12. Hey Cathy- just a quick note- I got my bracelet on Saturday- thanks SO much!!! I'll write more later...we're still without power and I'm catching up on a few things at the folks house and wanted to be sure to let you know I had it!!! Hugs, it was a little bright spot in our lightless world right now!!!!!!! Mitsy
  13. Hey all- I just saw this bulletin on MySpace!!! Date: Sep 9, 2008 8:11 PM Subject: Add me on Facebook! Body: Hey guys! Only three more nights of the AI tour, thank you all for your support! I just created my own Facebook page, I\'d really appreciate it if you could add me there for updates and content you won\'t find just anywhere when things start to take off! Thanks! - David Cook DAVID'S FACEBOOK PAGE Preview: Hugs and Hearts, Mitsy
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