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  1. I saw that yesterday and I am VERY excited. I cannot wait to hear that album and I'm dying to see them live again! Funny, I thought the same thing as you: whenever David is going to tweet something similar, I can only imagine the reactions!
  2. Yes, I've been following him for a while. Didn't Satu post his Twitter account a few pages back? Anyway, he's releasing a new album with The Coattail Riders ; tomorrow I think. I like what I heard so far: http://8track.taylorhawkins.com/ And they're going on tour. No dates near me announced yet, but I wouldn't mind seeing them live! Here are the North American dates for you, Karen, in case you're interested April 19th - San Diego / Casbah On sale Saturday, March 27th at 10am (PST) here April 20th - Los Angeles / Troubadour On sale Saturday, March 27th at 1pm (PST) here April 24th - Santa Barbara / Velvet Jones On sale Saturday, March 27th at noon (PST) here April 25th - Las Vegas / Wasted Space @ the Hard Rock Hotel On sale Saturday, March 27th at 10am (PST) here May 2nd - Boston / Great Scott On sale Saturday, March 27th at 10am (EST) here May 3rd - Toronto / Horseshoe Tavern Pre-sale Wednesday, March 31st: 10am – 10pm (EST) On sale Thursday, April 1st at 10am (EST) here May 4th - Baltimore / Sonar Small Room On sale Saturday, March 27th at 10am (EST) here May 6th - New York / Gramercy Theatre Pre-sale Thursday, April 1st: 10am – 10pm (EST) here On sale Friday, April 2nd at noon (EST) here May 7th - Philadelphia / The Note On sale Friday, March 26th at 10am (EST) here
  3. ^These Teenage Concert Trust concerts are soon, I see. They sound amazing. Bumping this because, well, TCV deserves to be bumped, and also because of the excitement that they're coming to Paris on June 8 and that I booked my ticket last night. Excited is a huge understatement to describe how I feel about this show. While I'm here, Webisode posted on their site last month:
  4. Interview in New Zealand a few days ago. Quite funny: Hangover much, Josh??
  5. First live performance with Josh. Shot at Musicares show 3 nights ago. A cover of Neil Young's "A man needs a maid". Sound is pretty crap ; so I don't think it's very enjoyable but, ah well, at least, we have their first performance together on video!
  6. Chris is doing an acoustic tour! SOURCE A West Coast tour. Maybe he will extend it later, that would be nice. I wouldn't mind being able to see him. Hey, pssst , Chris, come to Europe too please!
  7. I've said it before and I will say it again ; Spinning in Daffodils is immense:
  8. Hi Karen! I knew you'd come visit here!! Glad you did. The full concert they gave for French TV channel Canal + is on YouTube now: HERE (you should see the playlist with all 11 songs on the right hand side of the screen). I'm watching now...These guys better get their ass back in Paris sometime soon, when I can see them. Or somewhere in Europe I can go to. I NEED to see them, damnit!
  9. Thank you so much for the videos, Kathy! I really hope I will be able to see Andy live one day. What a fantastic musician and singer. And what a great surprise to see him cover "When you were young"! It's one of my top 3 songs from the Killers. I love it. Nice job, Andy.
  10. Ha, thank you! Cats are quite wonderful subjects for photos
  11. Ok, I'm late on this but I just discovered this tonight and I am hitting play for the 7th time in a row now. This duet is absolutely beautiful. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT.
  12. It's official, John is out. From the man himself: SOURCE He will be replaced by Josh Klinghoffer, who has already played a lot with the RHCP and on John's soloe work too. Ah well, we'll see what happens...
  13. Video of Highway One, a non album track. I can't watch it now because my Internet sucks but I'm sure it's good! There's a whole bunch of non album tracks that they performed live before the album was released. And they most likely won't play them again. I think there are some YT videos but I didn't look for them, will do soon, I want to hear them.
  14. I was just coming to post this! I will watch another time when I have more time, I can't wait. Also, the French TV show thing I was talking about will be aired tomorrow at 10.30pm. It's a full concert too apparently. And I don't have the channel it will be shown on... But I am pretty sure it won't be long until it makes an appearance on the net somewhere. Yay for all these new TCV videos!
  15. Very nice little interview, thanks for posting. Still hoping that they're going to add more tour dates soon and include Paris. I just read on their site that they did something for a French TV show last week, don't know when it will air but I'm excited to see this!
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