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  1. That looks like a fun line up. I'm jealous! Even though he won't be on that long.
  2. I can't believe it will be 5 years since the album release. Those were the best times of my life. I met so many great people! I wouldn't have changed any of it. I miss you all. I'm so glad that we are able to regroup again in the next few months. Especially after all these years there will be a show about 20 minutes from my house. It was worth the wait and it will be worth the next adventure.
  3. The tour folder looks amazing. I was getting a little confused where to buy tickets. I was going here there and everywhere. I can't wait for these dates to come. I get to see my family in PA that I haven't seen in a while. Things really do work out. Because I was supposed to be visit GA instead. But that fell through with things changing. If anyone has questions about the Patchogue date let me know.
  4. Stephora, I had no idea there was a bus directly from Patchogue to Montreal. I have to look into that. And yes the train is about 2 block walk to the venue. LIRR. If you need a place to stay between Patchogue and NYC. My apartment is available and we can go to Irving plaza together. Let me know. I live about 20 minutes from the venue and the nearest train station.
  5. Ok Barb! I was just wondering. I just realized that it was for the actual shows. I hope to see you in NYC. I'm also going to Long Island. No brainer! I might have a connection for Long island. And get VIP tickets.
  6. Patchogue is my hometown. I grew up there. My high school is 10 minutes from the venue. I'm thinking about doing long island and nyc
  7. 1) A Daily Anthem 2) Lie 3) Mr. Sensitive 4) Declaration 5) Rapid Eye Movement
  8. My top 5: 1) Living On A Pray 2) Billie Jean 3) The World I know 4) Always Be My Baby 5) All I really Need is You Now I'm going to be all nostalgic this week! Because wow! I can't believe 5 years since I started on this board.
  9. Oh my! Half a decade with my favorite people!
  10. I like that we are at mixing stage. This could only mean that he will be on idol very soon. Maybe a new EP or even single like he did last year.
  11. Hey ladies! It's Amanda. I'm back again. I really was hoping to come here and push people to come to the race. I really do need a few people to be my roommates. Because right now I don't know if Daina and Chel are going to make it. And it's not far away. Please let me know. Please please please or I might cry!
  12. Who around these parts talks to their exs? Seriously! LOL
  13. Checking in. I know most of you are on the road already and probably won't see this until after the weekend is over. I'm glad that we will be able to mingle at this show. It's so different than many shows in the past. I hope that I get a picture with everyone. You all better come and find me. I will be very upset if I don't see you. Tonight will be a special night and I can't wait to experience what ABC2 and David plus band have in store for us.
  14. Ladies, I can't wait to see most of you at the race in a few weeks. It will be nice to get together finally. I was missing you all in LA and wished each of you could have been there. He is not my boyfriend someone I am dating but I have technically David to thank. If you guys follow Ryan Star then you know a band named Gambit. He plays guitar and has been doing many cool remixes for others. But this stays among us. I hate to see dog cruelty. It's so disgusting especially from people of the law. I'm not really a cat person. But I think all pets are amazing creatures. They always know how you are feeling or thinking.
  15. Hi ladies, It's been a while since I've been here. I should come on more to check in. I don't go on my computer much anymore. But it's really easy on my tablet. How have you all been? Allergies killing me. And dating a guy in a band is somewhat exhausting.
  16. I have something but it is strapless. I don't know how appropriate it will be for this event. But it's pretty dressed up. What do your dresses look like?
  17. ahhh Tricia and Jamie you are coming! I'm so excited!! I'm still working out my room situation.
  18. Everyone is going the EP route. I think it keeps him fresh in people's minds. Especially the marketing machine aka American Idol is on the air. Maybe he'll perform in April.
  19. I would be willing to go if I know there is someone I can stay with and we are unit. I want to go either way. As long as I can stay with someone.
  20. They sometimes add more VIP with demand. Because York was 125 and they set a make of 100.
  21. It was definitely amazing few days but the release day was by far the best of 2008. I finally got to talk to the band a little more and that was the start of beautiful bond between the band and fans not just David. We got to hang out with them for a bit and they all bought 5 copies each in support. And look where we are 3 years later a stronger fanbase than ever. I will never forget the donuts or the way David ran off when he was told that he was #1 on the iTunes charts. And being with the people that really and genuinely cared about David and his music. The fondest memories was definitely the hotel where about 6 of us had to get ready for the show in under 2 hours.
  22. Here are my photos! I put them up a while ago. More to come. Still editing and stuff. http://www.flickr.com/photos/roxybella/sets/72157628079142050/
  23. I can get really cheap rates out of long island to Pitt but I have to know what's going on with the ticket situation.
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