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  1. Mods- I know this isn't the right place but I know more people will see it here. A fellow friend of mine who I met on the AI site in the beginning of season 7 lost her house to fire. Everyone seems to be ok. They lost everything and she needs our help. She hasn't been on here due to finishing up college and plans to graduate in may. If you would like to help in anyway by sending gift cards or anything please let me know by emailing me at britty_woods91@yahoo.com I have been given a list of a couple things that are needed and her moms clothing size. Brittany P.S. Thank you all for the support for what happened to my family a few months back. I have not been on here due to trying to get through day by day and trying to get through school.
  2. I wanted to drop a line on here to tell all of you Thank You so much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I read through all these as they were posted but looking back now I don't remember reading them. I think my mind was so fogged up! A little piece of advice for all of you: Hug your family and ALWAYS tell them you love them because you never know when they will be taken away. I was very close with my brother and I am thankful for the 15 years i had with him. I just have to add Lie and Permanent are getting me through this!!! That man knows how to write some music! Thanks again, Brittany
  3. Thank you guys so much! You guys have always been there for me when he was sick. If you live in the SOCAL area I will let you all know when the service is. Thank you chris.
  4. saw this and entered into a contest to win but didnt win the tickets. went to buy some and there weren't any more! made me sad. Im just happy I saw him in delmar and I don't get to see him again for a while I will be fine with it.
  5. facebook- www.facebook.com/auntieb08 twitter- www.twitter.com/britty_woods91
  6. Yes I know what you mean! I went to the Del Mar show but it was TOOOO short! Oh well I guess I have to wait around and see what other shows come to my area!!
  7. Thanks! She is doing SOOOO much better just exhausted. I need a night where I can sit around and just surf the WNH to see what I have missed!!!
  8. I know I haven't been on here in forever. i feel like I have missed so much. Please pray for my mom She just had a seizure and it was VERY scary to watch. she has had them in the past but I have never seen it happen. PLEASE pray that she will recover okay and that she can feel better soon. I will keep updates.
  9. Im putting this here because I figured more people would see it. http://apps.facebook.com/groupcards/c/vgJnkD_qYTX Im sending it to Andrew because Im not friends with david on facebook. Pleese sign it.
  10. I cant wait to see where this next single takes him!!! I personally LOVE the song and hell any song from the CD would be a great single! I wonder what the music video is going to be like???
  11. I was in LOVE with barney!!! Every time I got hurt I wanted to watch barney and my mom would put it on in her room and let me watch it! I still have the barney from the picture.
  12. So I dont have a picture but I have a video that my mom put together for my graduation and it has some baby pics in it.
  13. Love the video but there is one thing that it seems like a lot of people everywhere dont get. The pilot couldn't have done this without the first officer. It was a team effort and I think the first officer should be recognized for what he did as well. Also the flight attendants because they helped get the people off quickly and safely.
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