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  1. We heard "Right Here, With You" in Chevy's Mexican restaurant tonight! MY 8 year old shouted "It's David Cook!" He was excited as that is his favorite song from TLM.
  2. My husband loves this show! He started watching it because of Jack Bauer I mean Keifer Sutherland, but he really likes it! I have to say I found it a bit too manipulative but I admit I have cried at least three times watching it.
  3. This confused me too but then I realized its not the same cd-this is a new cd called Luna Espera, Luna Despierta came out in 08. If you downloaded Luna ESPERA a while ago, then I don't know...
  4. I am sure you all have seen this on DCO or elsewhere but jic-it is being suggested that it is also important to register and post on David's pages on the VH1 website. Apparently (and I am just passing this on knowing nothing about it) mentions on the site also counts for placement on the countdown. Mention 'David Cook' and/or 'The Last Goodbye" in your posts so that your mentions will be counted by the website. I am having a fun time working out how to put David's whole name and the song title in my posts. http://community.vh1.com/groups/David_Cook
  5. Oooooo, Chris, nice look with the framed vinyl. May steal that idea as I bought the vinyl but have no turntable and would be scared of it getting scratched anyway! Of course my cookifed kids would want it in their room. Sigh. When I was a kid I just thumbtacked the covers of my favorite records to the wall.
  6. Since yesterday TLG is down a bit, with more dislikes and less loves although it is still vast majority loves but losing ground. But the Avril song has utterly reversed itself, from mostly dislikes or so-sos to big majority loves. Hmmm. Does anyone know if multiple votes count? In any case, vote please!
  7. Here is another rate the song thingy for TLG-it’s near the bottom of the page. Quick and easy. David Cook THE LAST GOODBYE currently being rated on AT40 (powered by RTM) bit.ly 10MVIF *LOVE IT!*
  8. OK new survey! This time The Last Goodbye is all the way at the end (almost.) I am signed up for e-mails and did not get one from rtm yet, but I was able to log on and do it, HAC survey again. David Cook THE LAST GOODBYE currently being rated on *new* 22-Jul RTM HAC survey (ends 27-Jul) at http://RateTheMusic.com My kids (boys) were with me 'helping' this time. Their opinions are so funny! Let's just say there are lots of 'girly' songs on the radio. And they went nuts when TLG came on or course.
  9. omg, we rock. TLG is number 1 on the HAC survey! http://www.ratethemusic.com/index.cgi/rtm?email=&raterid=&chart=rtm_12 Yes, that is number 1-ahead of Rolling in the Deep! Wow. I don't know too much about this but I think these surveys will keep coming so please sign up if you can and you have not already. Remember to put HAC as your preferred format and sign up to be e-mailed with new surveys. I know this thread should probably be in the promotions forum- Sorry!
  10. My deep condolences to Jody's family and friends, including of course her friends & fellow founders on the Home. How important even the little things we do in life. Jody was a founder of this Home, a community where so many have connected to laugh, cry, raise money to help others, raise awareness, raise joy. I am so grateful to her and all the founders. Peace and love to you all. Life can be so hard and even feel cruel at times. Tonight in sadness and respect I take this lesson-Love your life and do good with it. Every little bit helps.
  11. Sorry if this was mentioned already or if this should be in the promotions folder but just wanted to make sure everyone saw-the survey is pretty quick and kind of fun. You have to sign up if you have not already. You want to do the Hot AC one that is where TLG is. The survey was dated July 15 so it may be ending Friday? Not sure what that means. http://www.ratethemusic.com/
  12. And my local stations are...STILL not playing TLG! Sigh. I keep requesting though! Thanks for the mediabase link!
  13. Malluvs, my local stations also do not play tlg, and one of them hosted an dave-neal acoustic last month! Errrgh. I do request it every day at both my local hac stations, using the mediabase request form, it's super easy. Is there a link for that here? There is one on the dco requests forum. Of course, you can also call or e-mail requests if your station has a number/address for that.
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