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  1. I got some other events out of the way so now I can get ready to squee over this Cannot wait for Saturday!!!!!!
  2. I come in here for some nice, innocent concert info... now I'm loking at those fingers... yup... same size... what were we supposed to be talking about now? oh well... whatever
  3. You've obviously never seen him on stage
  4. Jackson is hot. I just saw 100 Monkeys a week ago. Smokin.
  5. RIP Jody. Everytime I see a certain someone in a white belt, it'll be a silent tribute to you, at least in my mind.
  6. I was gonna apologize about posting so many... but then I remembered where I was and that no one here ever complains about too many pictures, lol.
  7. REM +2 Circadian -2 This hurts... but I like REM a tad more than Circadian.
  8. I have another signal pic from that day, but his face is a bit... ok, alot awkward, so I feel bad posting it.
  9. From six flags... It's been posted elsewhere, but it obviously belongs here.
  10. I would write to MyPlay. They replace my damaged vinyl no questions asked. Send them the picture, I bet they'll replace it for free.
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