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  1. He didn't? I haven't noticed. Oh, well after a month, I'm done with the uploads. Contemplating still whether to upload my ruined Circadian Cebu which was divided into 2 parts because I accidentally hit the record button (which stopped the recording) when all I meant to to do was to snap some pics. Oh well... Here are my Manila vids, I put it on a playlist but if you want it any other way...just say so. And yeah, I'm soooo soooo sorry if it took me a month.
  2. Wow! That video made me proud. So worth the 5 hour wait on uploading it. Thanks. I filmed the whole show but crappy internet connection's giving me a hard time re:uploading.
  3. No Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars
  4. Yes. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
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