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  1. Thanks so much for posting! Can he be any more well-spoken, gracious, introspective and sharp? Funny answers and gestures, like when he looked 'through the camera' at the end of the related question. It was also interesting to recognize some of the names of people who submitted questions.
  2. There's a pot o' platinum at the end of that magic rainbow! AMAZING!! :TOML:
  3. Great article. I think he's appearing in every imaginable type of magazine! I like that he singled out Bar-ba-sol as a good workout song. I teach a group fitness class, and that's exactly what I'm going to play this week for the members.
  4. Thanks for sharing your story! I went to Target today when they opened and got my copy. (They seemed to be well-stocked.) When I got in the car, I also struggled for a few minutes to get that plastic seal off! Whoever invented that plastic stuff obviously doesn't understand the concept of immediate gratification.
  5. Watched GMA and finally getting online. How fun to see Stacy and other WNs on air (lots of air time, actually!!). Diane has been Cookified for sure.
  6. Good for you Viv! I think that's a good sign for other men who have either had to endure our DC addiction and/or who haven't even heard him sing ... yet. They will be hooked. My husband already knows that he is getting the CD next week to listen in the car as he drives to/from work. I hope he finally hears that DC is not Daughtry. LOL.
  7. Interesting! Obviously, gearing up to complement the album cover. The home page I see, however, doesn't even say David Cook. (The community, events and other links have his name at the top with the photo.) Not that we need to see his name to know we're on the right site ... but just sayin'!!
  8. EXACTLY my thought! It's hard to keep up. He's omnipresent. I'm certainly not complaining.
  9. They are playing LO right now. He will be on next!!
  10. "Gutsy and epic, but grounded in the personal, the songs are tailor-made for those magical moments when music, whether it be uplifting or heart-breaking, can transport you to another place, which is exactly what Cook intended." I don't think this can be said about too many albums. Bring on the 5K ... or the marathon ... or the 5K marathon!!
  11. Wow! Love the gif animations. That's all we really needed to see in the video anyway. No boy/girl storyline necessary.
  12. Done! Just added DC. No further comments to avoid flying figs.
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