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  1. That's what I've been saying, too. This video, with 100% more us, totally better. And I say that as a huge fan of BouncyDave. Of course, my short self is much harder to see than your tall gorgeous self. And between the singing at the concert, the singing in the car on the way home, and the intriguing discussion on world politics while trying to find parking, it's a wonder we have a voice left at all.
  2. I have no idea what you're talking about. Here's the thing, why does he wear jeans with the crotch practically bedazzled? Why? How am I supposed to ignore that? Honest to goodness, though, it was his eyebrow freckle that I couldn't keep my eyes off of. Mesmerizing, I tell ya. Who would've thunk it? Oh, I have an mp4 if anyone wants it for your iPod viewing pleasure.
  3. OMFG! Thank you so much! I only saw my short ass self like once, but I saw my hands plenty. Seems I was reaching out to him a lot. And I was singing my fool head off the entire set, so don't blame a lack of singing on me. Jen, I think the camera must have been sitting on your head or something during those Neal shots. You guys, we had the best view. It was crazy. Check my avi for my view. Full size here.
  4. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but those are old toys. Someone on another board got one yesterday because her McD's was probably cleaning out the happy meal toys for the new year. Personally, I kept rocker, and mohawk, in honor of the audition fauxhawk. They do not play songs, they just play really obnoxious noise. Again, I've had mine since early May.
  5. I was at Wal-Mart today, stalking the big TV's while getting my oil changed. David told me to come back at 7:00pm on the 28th to watch his soundcheck performance. I said, thanks Dave, I would, but that's Black Friday and I'm not going anywhere near a Wal-Mart that day. I'll catch ya on the internet. But, if anyone is braver than me, have at it.
  6. I only have 1 right now that I made. I fully intend to make more, but I know there are some in the thread on the main discussion forum.
  7. Some of the pics I've seen from the show make me wonder exactly how we made it out alive. At least you had a close-up view, Barb. LOL
  8. Oh this thread could get me in so much trouble. expanding on a theme: a classic: similar: and a final one: *phew*
  9. BWAH!!!! At the rate I'm going today, I'm not going to live past the video to make it to the "jump off a building" phase. Though I would totally jump for him. Totally. He really might have wanted to rethink that particular statement, however.
  10. Oh that is too funny. I made that same screencap. For my own, uh, personal use. Why can I not watch this video without whimpering?
  11. OK, my first glimpse of David on my new big ass HDTV and I just have to say "yummy". And I totally want to text my vote. HA!!!
  12. Another hoodie pic (I cropped out the chick in the picture, if it was anyone here, I apologize): Plus CD cover: How about some arm porn please?
  13. It just dawned on me that early December is when they tape the Disney Christmas Parade. I bet that's what he's coming down for. Maybe not for the actual parade, but they usually have performers at the various parks. I can see them having him perform from Hollywood Studios (which is where the AI attraction is going to be). The good news is, if this is the case, everyone will be able to see it on a TV set near you on December 25th.
  14. Banned forever! That's awesome. I'm so glad we moved. I'm cinmc most everywhere but here. I haven't been on yes.com today, been too busy with real life. Hope there are lots of people holding down the fort there today. I heard LO on my local station yesterday at 6:00pm. I saw on the DCO chat thread that 10 of you guys "yes"ed, so that's cool. The DJ sounded really excited about it and talked about how he'll be on GMA on the 17th!
  15. I've been doing this for 2 weeks now and it's been fun to watch LO pop up more and more. It's also cool that we went from having just a couple of us in the room to having close to 20 people sometimes. Join us!!! Also, we have a chat thread at DCO to try and keep things uncluttered on the actual yes.com page. InDreams, are you the one posting the charts? I guess I know you by your other name. I have another name in all those places too.
  16. I have heard Daughtry and 3 Doors Down played quite a bit on Radio Disney. In addition to TOML playing there all the time. Yes, the children of the world listen to this station, but you know what? They have parents. And believe me, after listening to drivel song after drivel song the grown-up ears are going to perk up when they hear David. And then hopefully they will seek out the song and eventually the album.
  17. Holy sweet mother of I just....... I can't....... I...... When I regain my composure, I will post my favorites. It may be a while. ETA: HOLY SHIT, I just went to save that and saw it was taken at my show. OMG. Yeah. So, apparently, this was something I witnessed with my own eyes. How exactly is it I am still alive?
  18. ^^ HO-LY CRAP! And now, a new favorite: How about something from Top 5 week? (Neil Diamond week) Either night.
  19. Oh, and it's a tat picture too, how totally unlike me: Let's see something Rawkstar!
  20. So damned adorable, and also arm pornilicious: How about a black T-shirt?
  21. *breathe deeply* The original release date on Amazon was like the 11th or the 14th or something like that, so that's why the email today. Also, if you preorder, you will get it on the 18th. They lie. Every time I preorder something it gives me a date way past the release date.
  22. ^^ If I were 16, that would totally be a poster on my bedroom door. My favorite one, though, has been posted a few times already. Let's see it again: Also, I don't want to start any trouble, but I'll just say there is some discussion about this one on another board I frequent. Something about it being subliminal: Also, I can't believe so many (not just here) are just noticing his hands. What have you been focusing on the last 6 months? Never mind.
  23. The first several shots have quite a clear view of the almost always hidden ribbon tattoo. Some of us are driven quite crazy by just that sort of thing. Not going to name any names. Oh, and by some, I mean most of us, yes?
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