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  1. Where can we hear all the new songs like this one? I've tried to find them but can't. lol help
  2. Does anyone remember that david isnt with RCA anymore? He is with a different label, isnt he?
  3. Wouldn't we get something before we actually hear it? I dunno, like lyrics or something? I hope anyways Lol
  4. Oh goodness! its such a great feeling to see all the warm welcomes! I've missed this place very much!
  5. Thanks its been a crazy few months lol. Its good to be back, and awesome if its from the new album!!!
  6. What is this I hear about a new song on idol? From this loud morning? Or from this album with no name? Lol
  7. awwwwe, that's so awesome!!! and so totally true!!!
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