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  1. Thanks for the wishes! I hope all of you have had or are having really happy holidays! [love floating all around ]
  2. Hey! How's everybody? Satu, hope you're feeling better! So.... David says he's gonna take a couple of weeks off and you guys move on to the next thing faster than you can say ... 'I love David Cook'! Hmmmmmm.... - I'm just pulling your leg . I so like rhcp! Never heard anything of John's before, though. I see we've got some new emoticons - I like that! The album came out - it's his, so it's awesome and I bet he will grow into an amazing musician. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like him to put out (oooups! freudian slip) an album (what else?! ) once a week - I'd only need a few days to learn it by heart. Salome joined myspace - and once more, all the best to you on your birthday! And David's birthday is coming up. So... what else has been/is going on?
  3. Hey! Don't have time for more than a . I miss you too Schnatu! I miss all you girls! I've been stopping by every day, reading, but unfortunately I can't post from my cell... yet! I'll leave you with smth to remind you of back when we used to spend our evenings here posting pics and -ing and -ing over them.
  4. Hi! I see everybody's really busy these days. I've been checking out the forum from my cell (just got an internet service on it from my provider) and I even tried to post but it didn't work. Anyway I'm here now . Schnatu, I'm really glad to hear you're finally enjoying France. Congrats to your dad! Anja... what's there to say?! Sorry to hear you're still having trouble. Sometimes we deal with lot of $#@%& but that makes the good times even sweeter! So hang in there! Good luck with the job hunt, Molly! And thanks for all the info! I probably wouldn't have had the time to look up all the interviews and... God, I feel so disconnected from everything! I can't wait for the album and the tours and hopefuly a few, or at least one concert in Europe. Speaking of the album... I think there was somebody offering to buy and send the album to the 'challenged online shoppers', such as myself but I don't recall if we came to a conclusion on that or not. Is that still happening? Gotta go now. My boss is starting to give me these very wierd looks. I guess I look too happy (yep, being here always puts a smile on my face! ) for somebody who's been overworked and underpayed for the past couple of months. If I figure out how to post from my cell I'll be back later on. Hope you all have an exquisite day! Oh, and Salome... thank you, thank you, thank you for the video! He's just the sweetest thing, isn't he?!
  5. Smth to make you smile... And smth to induce some happier thoughts (playful David always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside):p... Oh and some more magic rainbows Wishing you the best of luck, holding my fingers crossed, sending good vibration your way
  6. Schnatu... I had an english teacher in high school who told us a little poem that just stuck with me through the years: I walked a mile with laughter She chattered all the way Leaving me non the wiser For all she had to say Then I walk a mile with sorrow Never a word said she But oh the things I learned that day When sorrow walked with me So hang in there Schnatu! And you too Anyah! Eventually things will work out ok. Salome, I think you might be right. I was just way too tired to think straight - I couldn't even remember the song Paula said could be on a sountrack - thanks Molly! -. When you put it that way, the lyrics do fit his situation right now. It kinda kills my theory ... Molly, love the pics! Especially the second one. You have definitely cheered me up! The gritty rocker side of him is just...
  7. Hey, guys! How've you been? I just got to listen to the single a few times (it's been torture knowing it's out there and not being able to listen to it ) and I love it! Now as I was listening, it occured to me that this song sounds a little like something from a movie, tv series... Don't you think?! And I also remembered Paula saying at some point during AI that one of the songs David did could be on a movie soundtrack... could it be?! And listening to the lyrics... they don't really fit where he is at this point in time - he has the girl, the glory, the fame... -. Maybe they fit another scenario -one of a movie ... Now I only have to figure out which of the movies that's 'coming soon' might fit the song '8) ps. this entire theory might just be the result of some serious sleep deprivation
  8. ...and I thrive on the promise of that, Ananda! I'm positive we'll have a wonderful time and that there won't be long untill we get to see... I have no idea who took that pic - found it on david-cook.org - but whoever did is my hero!
  9. Schnatu, Ananda ... I feel you girls! It does get wierd when you're away for a while and feel like you've missed out on a lot of things and get disconnected from your fellow word nerds-I've been there and still am sometimes. I've had loads of work to do since I've been back in the office and no internet connection at home and... . Things here are so simple (maybe except for David's new page :p) and wonderful and feeling like you're missing out on this just to have your boss or teacher give you a hard time... well, it makes you miss this place and all the lovely people here even more. I didn't even get a chance to get aquainted with the new page, let alone figure it out. I still get to check in and it's really frustrating that by the time I catch up with what's been going on on this thread I have to leave . I didn't get to see the s&s thread and read what medka wrote . I've become a lurker and it's hard to go back to that once you've talked to people here, because the word nerds are some of the nicest people I've met... I'll stop now, before I turn the "European David Cook Fans United" thread into the "European David Cook Fans' Group Therapy" thread and just say that I haven't given up on the dream of meeting all of you at THE CONCERT.
  10. Pics, video... You have to tell us all about it! (no pressure! whenever you get the chance... )
  11. Hi! Glad you like the banner, dc4pt. It's still amazing when I come here and see all your signatures, to find the 'banner' there. And now seeing it on our ms... (it's one of the first I ever made) . Schnatu! I hope you have a wonderful time in France! And whenever things get tough, remember what Salome said... you are living a great experience! Ananda, good luck with school! It's difficult and well... time consuming, but it's worth it in the end, especially with it being a really good school. So hang in there! I've gotta run...
  12. Yep! I have it: I can change the text if you'd like me to....
  13. There are some companies that offer money transfer services -western union, moneygram... we could use one of these. Or whatever other means the person who orders (would that be you Medka?) will feel most confortable with.
  14. Hey, guys! Medka, if you want to order the album I'm in! I never ordered anything on the internet and I have no idea how it works. So if you decide to do this, I'd really appreciate it. We would however need to figure out some details... The thank you picture is perfect! As for the blog, what Salome wrote sounds good. I love how everything is coming along on myspace! You guys did and are doing an awesome job!
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