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  1. Hello guys! (: Aww Amanda I hope you feel better!! Sorry that you had to miss out on things, and sleep sounds like a good idea, lol. I hope you have lots of fun, Alyssa! Oh my last facebook got disabled and I made a new one so if you want to add me you can search Lory Murariu. I know I had most of you on my last one.
  2. Lol thanks for the opinons!! I like the 'cookified' one too! My iPod Touch (1st gen) got stolen so I'm getting the 2nd generation now, all my applications and stuff are save on my comp. UGH it was totally my fault though. I didn't lock it in the gym locker, it was in my bag.
  3. Hey guys!! Ugh so busy!! I hate staying after for Volleyball EVERY DAY!! Okay but anyway I have a question!!!! Some one stole my iPod at school the other day (ugh stupid bee-yotch) so I'm getting a new one with an engraving so what is your opinion on what it should say? Hi my name is Lory and I'm Hooked on Cook OR Hi my name is Lory and I've been cook-ified ?? Yes I just had to choose something that deals with David haha =D
  4. I start school like September 8th. I'm excited for the school part but nervous because soon my coach is going to make the cuts for our JV Volleyball team. AHH!! Soo...what is everyone else up to? 8D
  5. That was so cute!! That little girl was absolutely adorable.
  6. Great recap! I'm glad you had fun and got to meet David!! I hope I can convince my mom to take me to the Clifton Park, NY show. I didn't even know that city/town/whatever existed until I saw that thread!
  7. Aw man! I'm missing out on the Neal convo! -reads thread to catch up- Yep, I think you all established that Neal is freaking awesome Also, I like him better blonde, definitely!
  8. Holy crap that pictures is gorgeous!! Reminds me of the 'Hello' days... And best interview I read in a while, the questions were great!
  9. ^Aww... I'm sure you'll meet them someday! It just has to be the right time, and the right place, is what I always say. And good luck for Atlantic City! I've only met David once a year ago, and Kyle and Joey way back in March. I have yet to meet Neal and Andy. Which probably won't happen until next year when/if David has a second album out and has a new tour. My mom said she wants to hear 'new music' live. She's totally cookified.
  10. Awesome pictures Kristen!! The one with David and Neal is AMAZING!
  11. Yeah I love the feeling after concerts. But then I feel sad because its all over and now I have nothing to look forward to haha. The next exciting thing happening is that I'm taking my dog to an agility lesson this Sunday. Which I am excited for, but it's nothing compared to a concert lol.
  12. Oh! thanks! I just went back in that thread and realized I said I was exhausted, but now after looking at all of my pics I got so hyper and nostalgic lol.
  13. Hey guys! Got back home from GMA. It was really great but I still despise being short. Haha. xD I've been up since 1 am this morning and I'm still not tired. Whoooo I'm so hyped up!!
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