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  1. ^ he looks GOOD when he's helpless. also, he seems to have the best lines. i cannot WAIT until tomorrow - a new ep!
  2. jody's the one who invited me here when the AI board dedicated to dave got too censor-happy. i will miss her for sure - i loved her "white belt" threads and her sense of humor. and like her, have a special connection to "permanent." i hope you're in a better place now, jody.
  3. whoever did that screencap? THANK YOU! i now have it as my desktop background on my netbook. that's going to be something nice to look forward to every time i turn it on!
  4. so who's with me when i say that possibly the best line in the whole show was eric's, on the last episode: "i know i'm a vampire, snooki!" i'm STILL laughing about that, three days later! i would love to find a t-shirt with that quote on it!
  5. i'm so jealous of you, dina, that you got two autographed lyrics sheets. i couldn't afford the ultimate fan pack and SO wanted the lyrics just by themselves but when they didn't make them available, i was so upset. love all the pictures. i'm going to do mine tonight, i think!
  6. dear david, i've avoided this signals and sentiments for quite some time because i wasn't sure how i could write what's in my heart in words that you would understand. i spent a year being sick - driving two hours to have CAT scans, getting up at 4 a.m. to have my dad drive me to the hospital for two-hour long antibiotic treatments, having to do the same at 10 p.m., antibiotics that were so strong they were compared to chemo, and finally, surgery. throughout all this, i had to keep going to work, sick as a dog. do you know what my constant was? you. your first record played in my car, analog heart and your idol performances played in my ipod. in my hospital bed, your voice sang me to sleep. in my own bed, with high fevers, and numbing pain, your voice soothed me. you were the one who made me feel like everything was going to be okay, even when physically, i was at the end of my rope. in january 2010, i finally had surgery and spent almost three months recovering. again, you were my constant. when it hurt to get up, i sang bar-ba-sol in my head, to give me strength. and now, with "this loud morning," you've captured my heart again. this record is such a jewel, such a masterpiece. i can't listen to only one or two songs; i have to listen to the whole album because it's just so damn good. and "this quiet night" is my sleeping music. not a night goes by that i don't fall asleep to your lullabies. now that i'm healed, your music still comforts me, on days like today, when i wish i could just disappear. i want to thank you. thank you for being there for me when i felt like i was all alone in the world. thank you for helping me when i hurt and for helping me when i was healing. thank you for "permanent," "avalance" and "goodbye to the girl" and "hard to believe," four songs that make me catch my breath in the best way possible. thank you for the love you show your fans and finally, thank you for being more special to me than i could ever say. i am a lifelong fan and i cannot wait to see you live again. during your declaration tour, i wasn't able to see you, being sick, but this time around, believe me, i WILL. you're too wonderful not to. you're my inspiration, my light in the dark, and i'm so glad you're getting to do what you want. all my love, - gen xx
  7. i don't win. like. ever. i can't even remember the last thing i won! woe is me! lol the best thing i've ever won (and it's similar to april's story in that it wasn't actually "winning" per se) was during the idols tour in 2008. i met saskia here on this board (i don't remember her handle) and she offered to buy my ticket (i paid her back, of course), come pick me up at the bus station in toronto, and offered to have me stay with her. and another person i met here, cathy, flew in from new york and had passes to the afterparty, which she generously shared with saskia and myself. i got to meet david, he signed stamps from kansas that a friend sent me, i got pictures with him, michael and chikezie but spent most of my time kind of... staring at david. lol as i mentioned, it's not exactly winning, but still. it was something two people did for me from the goodness of their hearts and i will never forget it.
  8. i miss him too -- i'm shocked at the difference in lyrics between AH, DCTR and TLM. i read (i think in this thread) that it was likely done to bring in more fans. i love decoding songs and searching for the meaning behind lyrics (i also LOVE doing that with poetry) but most people want their music "up front" and don't want to have to think too hard. i think it's one of the reasons why so many artists are doing so well these days (selena gomez, beyonce, eminem, etc...): they don't use metaphors, similes, etc... they just say what they want to say. the way david wrote before is a BIG reason that attracted me to him: it's deep, but not obvious and you have to be willing to listen and listen and really pay attention. most of the music now is so brainless. and now i'm finished with my ranting. lol
  9. lol @ he is really white. really, captain obvious? also, i second mal's sentiment of "fuck yes" for a documentary. i would buy that. and watch it over and over and over again!
  10. omg, barb, i LOVE those! i love the beatles too so it's a good fit! my eeyores are larger ones - i put them all away for a bit but then i put them back out because 1) i spent a LOT of money on them and 2) they make me smile. they're close to my computer desk so that if i have a particular bad day at work (i work from home), i can look at them. i also have a "david" corner near my desk. he calms me down.
  11. that is an adorable eeyore! i have a huge collection of stuffed eeyores and ceramic ones (and pooh, of course!) and i'm thinking i might do the same! lol
  12. i am a huge sweet tooth, but one of my very favorite desserts is pecan pie. i don't like pecans on their own very much, but pie? YES PLEASE!
  13. i'm a huge fashion magazine nut and imagine my surprise when i saw this picture in the august issue! that's the answer i was hoping to read because i'm a huge winnie the pooh collector and eeyore is my favorite character!
  14. barb, i think most of us actually DID buy that many! lol
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