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  1. Wow!I love the new look of our home Made I love it Thank you.
  2. OMG,you are still counting.wow!I remember when I was counting,too.last summer.
  3. Awww girls,that video is amazing,I was surprised a bit when I saw me I'm so happy now,I'm crossing fingers for fulfilling our dream.Happy trip girls
  4. Hahaha,which is weird because he's a word nerd
  5. wow!!!one year! I accidentally came here.and I saw happy birthday it brought many memories back.I'm sorry because I don't come here anymore,but you girls, you will always be in my heart,and David of course,who I'm listening now. Happy b-day to our home
  6. I remember that shirt,wow it was a while ago! I think it's a great idea to make some kind of shirt for him with that character,because it really looks like him I think you can go in some specialized store where you give a picture and people there "glue" it on.and you just buy a similar brownish shirt,and voila!
  7. Weee,video Chris,I'm going to send you my photo tomorrow,because I want to take new one with CD .I wanted to take it now,but my batteries are dead.
  8. Chris,wow!I think this is a great idea!Probably this is the only way we can show him how many international fans he has A LOT! I don't know how I can contribute,but if you need help,or something let me know.
  9. OMG.I totally forgot about S&S,I'm also on the cover Wow,I wasn't here for a such long time.
  10. so lie to me,tell me that it's gonna be alright,lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the night
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