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  1. What a great show! I believe it was David's fourth night in the row, with Freehold being the night before. His voice sounded a little taxed in a few of the songs, and he confessed he had not showered since the day before... Further commenting that there may be a rodent on his head, and the wool cap was not coming off because he had yesterday's hair with bedhead on top. But I still love him. The venue was absolutely gorgeous. The Hamilton in DC, which is a very nice restaurant with a music venue downstairs. Gracious with wall murals, marble floors, dark cherry, etc. Very DC. It was a seated venue with tables perpendicular to the stage. Nice menu, excellent service. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening act- Jenny Owens Young. I would describe her as alternate folk, just Jenny and her guitar. Her sound was reminiscent of the Juno soundtrack. Like everyone else, I LOVE the drum intro and rollover into Paper Heart. That is one of my favorite songs off of TLM. For the new songs, I really like: Laying Me Low, Eyes On You, I'm Gonna Love You. As beautiful as the venue is concerned, it really wasn't a "let it loose" kind of place and he really wanted people to dance for Eyes On You. So he stopped the song, and dragged down his two co-writers of the song (Andy Waldeck and Crix Riordan) from the terrace bar to be his Fly-Guys and get everyone going. It worked! Lots of fun. Can I say that Secret Garden is my new favorite cover? Wow. David's voice is incomparable singing Springsteen's poetic words. Just stunning. And I also love Andy's steely-sounding guitar which adds dare-I-say a country vibe until it breaks into rock at the end. Laying Me Low closed the show and was a highlight. Why? Some of you who were at the Night for Hope concert in May 2012 may recall the talkative and charismatic teen who was a brain tumor survivor who introduced David. His name is Michael DiMaio. Apparently he had mentioned to David that he plays the sax and would love to perform with David the next time he comes to town. And of course David said they would have to do that. Well apparently Michael proceeded to email David's manager every week for the past year, and ultimately Michael joined the band on stage with his sax for Laying Me Low. It was fantastic! Michael jammed like a pro. His family was there with signs and it was a beautiful moment. David did not come out after the show. I heard the Freehold VIP went very very late the night before, as it was done after the performance. I did not get VIP (which occurred before the show) here in DC. BUT, in the parking garage afterwards my friend and I were waiting for our cars with... Waldeck and Riordan, and Michael and his family and we all had a wonderful chat. The former had written Laying Me Low with David and I told them that IMO was the best single that David has released. I really believe that no question and they knowingly grinned at each other. Eyes on You too? These guys need to write with David some more! Michael is 17, doing very well, and is busy applying to colleges. All around, a wonderful night. I want him to come back after the New Year! Hopefully to Richmond or Charlottesville? Fingers crossed. If so, I will be there!
  2. Oh my goodness, that's the back of my blonde head. I took off my shoes and danced... it was a beautiful venue with plush carpeting. I would not have done it otherwise lol I will provide a recap... great show!
  3. Jeannie, thank you for the wonderful recap! Show after show, these shows sound great! Can 't wait for my DC one on 11/11 .
  4. Thank you ladies for all the updates that you are providing! It has been so long since there has been much to enjoy and talk about as far as David is concerned .
  5. Poor David, I had thought his voice sounded weak on that vine last week when he said "first day of rehearsals..." I heard that according to Nick Gibson he received a steroid shot to address this yesterday, and it worked at the beginning of the last tour. Fingers crossed for him.
  6. Oh thank you for your kind words, Cindy! I had asked Deana if there was any favor or anything for the table setting, and thought a little something would be nice. It worked out well I suppose, because they ended up being dessert!
  7. What a wonderful, simultaneously sobering and uplifting weekend... as it always is. Jeannie and Eve, it was so nice to sit with you at lunch (nice to meet you in person, Eve!). And Barb it was great to see you at the lunch and at the Race! Cindy, I am in awe of your talents and I had a wonderful time chatting with you and your friend. Can't wait to see you locally again at upcoming events! It always amazes me how David sees so so many people in the span of Race morning. My best friend knew two people independent of each other at the event: a church friend battling a brain tumor, and one of her daughter's dear friends (who lost her mom to cancer earlier this year). And he met and took photos with both of them! He gets everywhere, and is so good. My husband and I saw and talked to Rob Long, who was given the Survivor's Award a couple of years ago. A former Syracuse punter who is one-year cancer-free and cross-your-fingers NFL bound. He has had workouts with some teams this spring. He and his family are so very nice. We Orange have to stick together!
  8. It is a glorious day! Glad you arrived safely, and I wish everyone else happy travels! Looking so forward to this weekend.
  9. I meant to say Yes to this! And looking forward to seeing you next weekend, Barb!
  10. That pretty much sums it up for, Barb! I do have a real question: When was the last time David called himself a rock artist? I know he said DCTR was going to be a rock record, so I understand that expectation from years ago. And when he was making TLM he talked about a "wall of guitars" which to me suggested rock. But since that time (other than performing some great rock covers on his last tour such as "Bite the Hands That Feeds", "Stockholm Syndrome", "Rock and Roll", etc) nothing he has said has suggested "rock" to me. Maybe I have sincerely missed something. What he says he is listening to (The Civil Wars was one), his move to Nashville (yes, I know there is rock there but rock is not what comes to mind with Nashville), and his current lifestyle does not suggest typical "rock" to me. Granted, he was the rocker winner on AI but that was a long time ago now. And rock on American Idol is... rock on American Idol. When I see the cover photo for Laying Me Low, I don't think "rocker". Not with the Blake Shelton hair and cowboy boots lol . So I'm not expecting a rocker anymore. And I'm more than alright with that.
  11. [color=red]tforme"]I think David should write/sing whatever he wants to. I will love some songs and not love others. Whatever direction he chooses, I wish him success. I think a lot of the confusion is because he calls himself a rock artist. There are a zillion different opinions on what rock music is. A lot of people consider only the harder stuff rock, while others put softer songs in that category. [/quote] Sorry for the double post, ladies!
  12. Jeannie, my opinion was based on the former scenario of yours that I highlighted. Of course, if you don't like the song... you don't like the song! There are songs of David's post AI that I really haven't liked and I'm always honest. I suppose I'm just being sensitive for David (and to hell with everybody else ... kidding, kidding) and my agreement with DP was not specific to how people feel about LML. But rather a more general attitude of what some think he should be, and feel he's not. I can't even name names here. I'm not keeping track lol. It just what I have heard over time on this and other places.
  13. Agreed! And I agree with DP too, that some are bound to complain and they need to get the fuck over the rawk thing. I like it even more this morning, if that's possible. And last night, it was bugging the shit out of me. LML was reminding me of "something" and when I woke up and heard it again, I finally got it. The beginning, and David's "low-low-loooowwww"s. At first I was thinking Jodi Watley's "I'm Looking for a New Love" and her "yeah-yeah-yeeeahs", but it's more "You're Making Me High". Not the chorus. I'm now hearing country in the chorus. That's the most "David" part of the song for me. David with a bit of pop-country thrown in. The last thing I expected David's new song to remind me of was Toni Braxon. Very groovy and sexy, I think it can hit fans of many genres. Honestly, this is the first time I've really felt David was releasing a single that could be a "winner". The question is, can he get it out and will it be distributed and played by the right hands? I so hope so for him.
  14. I LOVE it! I can't remember the last time I was this happy upon hearing one of David's original songs. Very catchy, Mr. Cook. Something must be wrong with me because I'm not hearing the country influence so much as others have. To me, it's decidedly pop. With some soul, particularly toward the end of the clip. David Soul. "Don't Give Up on Him, Baby"! Unfortunately, only those of a certain age will get that.
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