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  1. luv_ai_08 I'd be happy to gift you. You need to DM me with your email address. If CA means you live in Canada though I can't gift you through iTunes - but I think I can gift you through Amazon.
  2. I'll be happy to gift 5 copies if you have recipients in need.
  3. I'm reading on twitter that WIOQ actually played Fade Into Me this morning. That is totally unexpected - but happy to hear it.
  4. yes - it's over - until some other station tries it - or next year as Idol finale approaches.
  5. Imogen tweeted a very good reason we vote on these. We are realistic - we don't expect the station to do anything as a result - we don't expect that they will respect David more - but they will know that David does have fans that respect him. Heh - it is fun though when we interfere with the results they hope for - see whose picture is plastered all over the page.
  6. I really do hate this type of poll - and especially from a non-supportive station. I wouldn't have minded if David lost first round - or lost to Carrie - but once he made it to the finals - I felt I should try to help those who voted all along to get him there.
  7. No I don't think they asked for votes for Scotty - they retweeted a Scotty fan and that got some people mad. But I think they would have retweeted a David fan if we had tweeted them too. Any way - Yaaaaaaaaaay - throws confetti and runs through thread in my pajamas with a repetitve strain injury on my mouse clicker finger (not really).
  8. There are just 2 hours left. We've got this in the bag unless something crazy happens. Thanks so much for helping out. You can see Dave needed every one of your votes. There may have been a steady decline (I saw that one uptick to 51.10) but it was a really slow decline. So the lead in going in to today saved it. (Actually the huge lead in was on Friday. By Saturday morning it was 52.5 - but then it dropped all day Saturday as DC fans were all excited about Tiger Jam.)
  9. Yes Jeannie - in the end we don't really win anything - so I don't really like these polls. I just thought I'd support those who have been voting all month. It is now slightly after noon on the east coast. (10 to 12 hours to go depending on when it ends.) It is currently 51.16 for DC. We need to keep the other sides gains to less than one tenth (.1) and hour in order to be successful. We have hung on this morning - but Scotty's fans will be fighting hard this afternoon. We just have to try to make it mathematically impossible for them to succeed.
  10. Well at this point we are trying to make them fight for every 0.01 point - but they are fighting and fighting hard. But make no mistake - Scottie has many fans - and they are the ones out voting in force.
  11. Once again I am here to ask for your help on a radio pol. First, let me make clear that there really is no prize. The radio station is a Top 40 station that will probably not play David's music. The station is just trying to get hits off another Idol poll. I'm just here because there have been some fans (not me - I just started last few days) voting on this thing for a month - and I thought I'd try to help them out. It's one of those Sweet 16 polls for the Greatest Idol and it's over sometime between 10 pm and midnight east coast time. David appears to be winning but his lead has been dropping very fast. Right now we are just trying to stem how fast it drops and hold on until tonight. Holding on is going to be difficult at this point. So if you have some time - and want to help - please do. You can vote multiple times by refreshing the page (right click - reload - or something like that). If you don't want to participate - I fully understand because as I said there is no prize - other than not seeing an X through David's face. Here is the link: http://www.q102.com/pages/ai-brackets/
  12. Good job everyone. It's great what we can do when we pull together.
  13. Thanks for any help. It looks like FIM will actually win this one. Look at the comments under the poll. Some are very angry - and it looks like some of the Glamberts are giving up. I'll still be voting though - in order to check on the numbers - I don't rest easy until poll is over.
  14. Cook Crush - DM with the answer to your question
  15. Less than 24 hours left. The battle is going to be vicious tonight. So anyone willing to help. Welcome aboard. (If you want to see how hard this is being fought - just paste the contest address in the twitter search box. You will see people tweeting every 5 minutes for help.
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