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  1. No! American Idol will go down the tubes when Simon leaves next year. Which of David's tattoos is your favorite?
  2. Good gosh I can't stop listen to the video from tonight That man gets to me And my Twitter is crashed as well...I can't get on! What we're you girls up too Crashing twitter
  3. He SHOULD be the sexiest man of the year
  4. Wow those pictures are GREAT! Thank you for posting! And yes he is getting thin He is looking good! New look for the new album
  5. I never thought he could get any hotter then he already was..............................................................he proved me wrong *sings in head* "I just died in your arms tonight...."
  6. (((this got merged in here))) I'm sure you all have already seen this video from Twitter...but I just got to watch today and almost died! http://twitvid.com/B29C1 That new hair looks pretty hot on him I don't even remember what the video was about...I was too busy looking at him
  7. I agree He is an amazing man! I loved that it looked like he was there every step of the way for the house being built and then came to pick up the family to bring them home Man I love him so much! And I have never been so obsessed with someone, I don't know if I was this obsessed even back with the BackStreet Boys haha!
  8. Oh, he does it all. the. time. It's amazing. He's amazing. Very amazing
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