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  1. OMG!!! Flat Dave FTW!!! I guess the 10th time's the charm huh Daina. The pics are gorgeous, the boys look fantastic, and Dave drinking tea is so cute!!! Neal the fan whore. I love it!!!
  2. I love you guys Yoko, you are just the best!! And your siggy isn't too bad either. Not... too... bad... at... all... Did you notice the tattooed arms on Neal in the instructional video? Umm... I did. A lot. That is one very educational video.
  3. Since everyone is going after David first, I'll meet the rest of the band first. At first I was thinking, better to meet Neal before everyone else. But having given it some more thought I think I'll meet Joey first, then Kyle, then Andy and Neal, and finally David. I'll probably change my mind in a few minutes. I don't know. This is confusing. My brain isn't taking this well. Wha-- where am I??? Who are you peopla??
  4. He is the cutest thing!! I wonder if I could teach my niece to do the same... The little cutie would win the Challenge hands down!!
  5. Wow!!! MJ in the Philippines is awesome! I'd fly there to catch him if only November isn't my busiest month yet!! I'm still crossing my fingers for David to come to the South-East Asian region!!!
  6. Man, I missed a lot!!! Was there a sending off party for Kid, LOTR and Sassy? I can't believe Joey is a LOTR! Now I gotta go check out their myspace pages. Pam, you are TOTALLY MADE OF AWESOME!!!!
  7. It's posted at the DCO. Appreciate your votes, friends
  8. Finally made it here!!! And voted. I'm sorry Neal, I'm a bad FANGurl and deserve to be punished!! But Kyle totally headbanged the competition away. I feel so guilty...
  9. Hey, what do we get for doing this anyway? Private lessons?
  10. I'm away from the WNH and DCO for one frickin' day and all this!! Friday has been a stressful one at work, so I hand't had time to come out to play. Having said that... *picks up gauntlet* I accept the challenge!! Although I think I'll have to make another vid. I just watched myself and cringed a number of times. But thanks for the vote of confidence guys!!
  11. Mandy, you're in charge of writing my obit because you just killed me with these pics.
  12. Oh the humanity!!! Yeah, and what makes you think they got some R&R huh? They could have launched some massive humanitarian effort in NYC that we didn't know about.
  13. That's so adorable!!! So glad that David and the boys are soaking up the experience and haven't lost that sense of wonderment. I can just picture David lifting Andy off his feet!! Although any video evidence would be most appreciated.
  14. Oh c'mon admit it, you guys are thinking it. I just said it out loud. But yeah, Sexy should take the lead. He's very good at mediating.
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