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  1. I loved the eyeliner. Loved it beyond words and yes I kind of miss it from time to time now. Sigh.
  2. I was planning on the Burn Halo show Stacy but then realized it was too close to the race and I cant get off for both so no BH for me. I've seen them live a few times though, and they are amazing.
  3. All Im going to say is this. I have met Max Martin, I have seen him work. I have no fear. In fact I did a happy dance. Max is a phenom of hits. He can write for whoever and make it a #1. He is also a stellar producer. Yes he is mainly famous in the pop world but he has no line in the sand. His brain is a musical brain and he loves everything from techno to pop to rock to country. Dont judge him by who he's worked with, judge him by the 52 million albums sold.
  4. I dont think RCA is going to push Dave's promo aside for the new Idol winner. Yes they promoted Adam, Adam is their artist too and Dave was already launched and successful at the time. One has nothing to do with the other. RCA is not spending all this money to then let the CD fall for lack of promo. Flying Dave to Europe, paying these well established and hit makers, paying for studio time ect ect....none of this is cheap and the fact that they are handing over all this cash means they believe that Dave can deliver it back to them and then some. Honestly, Im not worrying or concerning myself with old Dave/new Dave/authentic Dave because over the last 2 years I realized there is no way to pin him down into a set box. He is all over the place creatively, he likes different sounds, different vibes ect. He changes his own songs depending on his mood at times. It's quite exciting to wonder and see what he's going to do from song to song, moment to moment. I think this CD will be different than DCTR just like DCTR was different than AH and the next CD after this will be different from this new one. Like he said to Simon that fateful night, "Why do something I've already done?" I think in that one sentence he showed quite a bit of his creative mind. Im excited to see what he's progressed to on this next step.
  5. Pop writers/rock writers...really there is no difference. A good writer can change their vibe to fit their artist without doing damage to the product. Music is music and genre is nothing more than a label plopped onto in stores. Im really not worried about who he writes with. A song is nothing more than words and notes written on a piece of paper. It is what the artist does with those words and notes that makes it music. Look what Dave did to Hello(one of the poppiest pop ballads that ever did pop), did it sound like cheesey drival when he was done with it? Same lyrics, same structure but completely different song. David needs a hit bottom line. He needs that breakout #1. He knows this and he's willing to mash his creative mind with other creative minds to get it. I respect that he is not looking at labels and genres but rather at talent regardless of who else or what else these writers have worked with or done. Dave is seeing "40 million albums sold" and thinking, "hmm maybe just maybe". And personally I willing to sit back and see what comes of it.
  6. Yes extremely so. And hotter. Yet also a lot oranger. Has to be tan in a can, cause he was as white as Casper the friendly ghost in Tulsa and now he's got that Oompa Loompa glow.
  7. I liked him until last night. But when anyone breaks out the poser band Hinder, I loose all respect. Seriously, he's got some talent, but he's no more amazing to me than most of the dudes I see sing in bars.
  8. Im all kinds of sick and was trying to sleep through what seemed like my phone going off every 5 minutes. Thankfully it was just Dave and not work trying to call me in. Loved the tweets and the Abbey Road thing. I too have walked across while waving at friends in that web cam. It's nerdy to do but fun. It seems like he is enjoying my hometown and I hope he has a true blast while there. Even if he is making me extremely homesick at the moment. Maybe I should ask him to bring me some Flake bars and Smarties home with him.
  9. It is guitar porn. I swear he's been haunting me since Tulsa. I was not planning for that.
  10. Nah it has changed, or at least it has gotten more intense. I noticed it in Tulsa, he was like in his own little guitar world at times and it was quite interesting to watch. Of course he didnt have to focus on the vocals except for backup during MWK so he spent most of the show just summoning his inner-guitar god. He would just move into a corner and off he went. It was all kinds of awesome really as I've never really seen him play that freely. He just seemed so lost in it.
  11. Seriously that guitar video killed me. Killed me.
  12. The interview is only available through the IdolsNow app for iPhone or iTouch. It is a free app but you then have to pay 99 cents to get the premium monthly stuff which includes this interview. The app also kind of sucks and the video keeps freezing on me or not loading right. It is 17 minutes long but I haven't gotten through the first 5 without it freezing. Fail.
  13. OK. Just saw this post. Guess I'm not the only one. lol I noticed it big time at the MWK show. Of course he was right over my head so I had a great view but yeah, he was just different with the guitar in a way that is hard to explain. Same in the Barracuda vid. He has started this whole sexy rock god guitar thing that is just inducing. Seriously, spent more time watching Dave on guitar than Neal for the first time because it was that captivating. I dont know what has gotten into him, but I do know I like it a whole hell of a lot.
  14. LMAO. For me. Like the new song. Flove the hair. The end of Barracuda is by far the hottest thing ever. Also adore new red firebird and hate the yellow firebird. That is all.
  15. The end of Barracuda. Gah. Like when did he start doing this guitar thing where he channels his inner sex rock god? It hit me out of left field in Tulsa, but the end of that video. Dear god.
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