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  1. Wow!! That is all. You're pics are awesome, but this one is in a league of it's own. A-fucking-mazing! SO--What camera and settings you using that is doing such amazing pics in concert lighting??!!!!
  2. Jamie, I would love to see your post show meet greet pics!Do you have them password proctected somewhere? Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone on the pics, not my best, my point and shoot doesnt do well at concerts. Wasnt bringing the pro camera, maybe next time! But the lighting is always such a challenge! And what is with him ALWAYS playing the guitar lately??? I loved his hands on the mic...missing that sexyness...
  5. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150335812772632.353178.514792631&type=1&l=43762503af
  6. Hello all! So, i am working on my pics too. How do i get them here?? Do i need to link them from a photo host site? Also, got to chat with Klye and a pic and I asked about more tour dates after the holidays, and he said, "No, we will be adding more before the holidays, but I dont know if we are coming back to Denver." Then i asked him for a pic and told him my 7yr old daughter loves him and he was so nice and said "i cant wait to meet her!"
  7. Is there anyone that you would like me to text updates too? And pics to post? Let me know soon!
  8. Ok mods, so, i dont have a phone that i can ustream, but if you want me to text updates to someone to post here. I can do that! Just PM me and we can work out the details!
  9. Hey, I am going, but not VIP, just not in the budget. What the schedule though, do u get to meet him before or after?
  10. Hello all! I have moved across the country and need a new group of fans to attend the concerts in Colorado with. Let me here you Colorado! Whos going to the Denver concert??
  11. I am so excited (been a LONG WHILE since ive posted) VIV: I miss you girl!!! I am going to the Denver show and its a GA also, and i have met him but I would love to meet again, of course! But since moving to a new town, I will have to go all by myself. Hmmmm, $75 for VIP is so enticing.....
  12. OH---how i miss all you girls!!! YES ITS BEEN TOO LONG SINCE POSTING, MANY TRAGIC AND STRESSFUL EVENTS IN MY LIFE LATELY.... So wish i could be there at the concert and the race...but now that i am HALFWAY across this darn country, boo. Stacey, you will look good no matter what shoes you choose!
  13. hey ladies, so I haven't been here in a LONG time and just swang by to heck up and I stumbled across this thread woth this pic. This is mine and YES Stacey, I would be fine with you using it!! I do love it, it shows his emotions. IT WAS DURING THE SONG PERMANENT AT THE NIAGARA FALLS SHOW. let me know what you need and I can get you a big file. YAY!
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