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  1. Nice hair adjustments! snort I like that it's shorter in the back and he's still scruffy, just more "tailored". OH it sounded great too! heh
  2. YEA! Bonus! Charlie and I go to BG every year...I think we will now have to go that weekend.
  3. Best 8 secs of video ever! I have a HUGE crush on the McHale.
  4. Awwww...and Neal made me snort outloud about the bread...too funny.
  5. ok...just got ratings in...the first hour did a 6...the second hour did a 3...hmmmm...We were second to CBS (which is what I was watching around the David part-lol-thank GOD for DVR's!!!!). David was the best part by a longshot...I guarantee you we will not be airing a new Carrie special in the future. It was dreadful. We will be repeating this though on 12/22.
  6. His highschool teacher look was HOT in person. We had a BLAST *waves at Val BUT WTF IHOP AT MYRTLE BEACH?! I know MB "shrinks" in the off season, but I have never seen an IHOP closed at 11:57pm. I always like it when artists dress in clothes that don't "match" their genre. I think it makes them more edgy personally cause it shows an unwavering confidence. It was great talking to him and the guys and Ryan again. They are all such sweethearts and Dave-hugs are awesome. I feel bad that he's still having to deal with his throat though.
  7. Love you, Terri!! If I see David, I'll tell him you say 'hi'! Any messages to pass along? We should tell him to come back to NC in October to get some funnel cake at the State Fair! DO IT! lol You can't beat fair fried dough! lol Be careful driving!
  8. just saw... He contributed SO much to music!!
  9. DAWN THANK YOU FOR YOUR TICKET A THOUSAND BILLION TO THE THIRD POWER TIMES!!! It was a great and ODD show (set-up)...but GREAT! Val your vids are AWWWWWWWESOME!!!! We decided we were going to stand for Dave and the guys from the get-go (and we figured most everyone would) and I couldn't BELIEVE that little security guy and his croanies were so pushy!! David (bad ass) did NOT like that AT ALL and then I am sure you guys saw where he told everyone to stand up. The manager (cool dude) of the place came by to talk to all of us who were in the front and he even said standing/dancing was ok as long as we didn't get into the space between our table and the stage...which we never did. Then security tried to go all banzai on everyone...one of the guys even pushed Christy(sp) down in her chair! Do your job...but DON'T POWER TRIP!! sheesh It was funny when Val and I were sitting on the bench talking, waiting to see if anyone would come out, we were right beside the exit and the same little security guard (my theory is that he had a serious short-man complex and was trying to compensate) came out (on his way home I suppose) and flung his arms up in the air and looked down towards where everyone was waiting at the buses and went..."awwww jeez" like he was just upset to see everyone waiting. It was hilarious. He WISHES he could have that. snort
  10. YEA! That was SO worth the drive and I did make it back safely even though I was on 395 for 45 mins with construction back-up. I have to go work but YEA Val and Valerie and Christy(sp) and everyone else who I have completely blanked on (sorry). IT was great!!!! :)Terri
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