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  1. ^ Yes! I totally see the Clark Kent thing!!! However, I think I'm more interested in seeing his Superman costume with tights - think he's sporting that underneath??
  2. Did y'all read Cookienookie's caption??? "*Throws Dave up against the wall & breaks trite laws* " Judging from his eyes, he's all right with that!
  3. Are you trying to kill me here???? O. M. G.........and thank you.
  4. Whoa. There's something about the way he leans back against the elevator wall at about 1:58 that has spawned some pleasant daydreams.
  5. That's perfect, Tricia!!! For me, he definitely outshines everyone! My husband watches all those cop shows ~ drives me crazy after a while!! However, if this one ever made it to TV you can be sure I would tune in for every episode!! He looks so badass!
  6. Where is your avi pic from?? I've never seen it! I found it yesterday at another fan site. I'd bet my house that it's photoshopped, but I don't care. He looks delicious! OMG, glasses and a beard, your avi is going to be the DEATH of me!!!!!!!
  7. GAH!! His smile at 7:17 in this video took my breath away. Let's see, how many times can I rewind...pause...rewind...pause....
  8. Really loved his version of High & Dry, wish it wasn't cut off. Wish everyone at the event wasn't talking through it as well!! Maybe it was meant to be background music but if I had that man singing in front of me you can bet I wouldn't be chatting! Don't get here much lately but it was a such a nice surprise to come today and see these videos. Thanks to all.
  9. Thanks to all for the beautiful photos, videos and reports. Still haven't made it to a concert myself so these reports mean a lot! Also, thanks to everyone for the ustream (which I unfortunately missed) - it's pretty unbelievable how much some very dear people here at the home will do for those fans who can't get to the concerts. Many have said it before but I'll say it again - David has the best fans!!!
  10. ^I think he totally set us on w/that aloe comment. I bet he was like "hey guys, let's see how long it takes someone to offer to rub it on me!"
  11. For some reason I read "reairing" as "repairing" - I thought they were bringing David back to do some repairs on his work!!!!
  12. Haven't read all pages of this post, so hope this is not a repeat...not a David song but he did sing it! "Clean shirt, new shoes and I don't know what I am gonna do. Silk suit, black tie, I don't need a reason why. They go runnin' just as fast as they can cause not every girl is crazy 'bout a pornstached man."
  13. This shot also makes me think of the biker guy from the Village People
  14. I agree. I think it takes a man with a lot of confidence to walk around with a look like that - joke or no joke. He knows he still has it pornstache or not. Did I mention how sexy a confident man can be?
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