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  1. David's statement to The Hollywood Reporter: Mike was one of the first people I bonded with when I got to Hollywood week, and I can honestly say that the depth and pressure associated with the first few weeks of the Idol experience would've eaten me alive, had it not been for Mike. He had a way of making this gigantic, life-altering event seem small and manageable. To say I'm shocked and saddened is a gross understatement. I'm completely gutted for his family, including his wife, Stacey. I hope they can find at least some small amount of solace in the fact that he made mine and many others' lives so much better by having known him." — David Cook, American Idol season seven winner
  2. I kinda wanted to be around old friends here as well, with such devastating news! Been thinking a lot about the bromance and friendship between Michael and David during their AI season and tour. I'm feeling so sad, my thoughts & prayers are with Michael's wife, family, friends and fans...and of course his beloved dog Puddy. Gone too soon...such a loss!~Wendy
  3. Hey guys, haven't been here in a while...I'm just happy to see any legit offers on the table for David and his career. I have confidence that he knows what is, and isn't a good choice for him personally, and professionally. ~Wendy
  4. So excited for David's upcoming May 2nd AI appearance. I've been watching AI...mostly out of habit, but no longer with the passion that I once did! Like many of you, I have been enjoying The Voice much more. I'll always be grateful to AI for bringing David and his music into our lives though. Just so happy to have a new DC performance to look forward to. Hi everyone~Wendy
  5. It's been bitter cold here in Connecticut since Tuesday, in fact, my car battery was dead that morning...had to call Triple A, and we had snow the night before, not too much thank goodness, but enough to shovel...ugh, is it Spring yet!?! I am so grateful that I have a fireplace and can make the house a little more comfy using it...it would cost a fortune if I had to keep cranking up the thermostat. Try to stay safe & warm everyone~Wendy
  6. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, but do often check in. Wanted to wish you all a happy, healthy, successful, peaceful, blessed 2013.~Wendy
  7. Hi guys...haven't been posting much lately...this place has gotten so quiet! I've been reading here though, always looking for news on David, and to see what everyone here is up to. Had a nice 4th of July...hung the flag out off the front porch, ate hamburgers and watermelon, and watched the fireworks. My new chow Baily is the first dog I've ever had who doesn't go ballistic over fireworks...thank goodness, she is just the best dog ever! With this heat that we've been having, she likes to lay right under the ceiling fan, she's no dummy! Barb~love your dog and kitties, they look so sweet together. Jamie~best of luck with your classes. Dina~congrats on your excellent exam score, hope you enjoy Ireland. Neva~I will keep your nephew in my prayers. Everyone try to stay cool during these heatwaves.~Wendy
  8. Charki, welcome! Hope you enjoy the site. It's fun to meet DC fans from all over the world.~Wendy
  9. Just wanted to add my happiness & excitement for you Dinna and all of the Indonesian fans who are finally getting to see Dave in concert. Yay! Good things do come to those who wait!
  10. LuvDC

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    Yes...many things Are you allergic to anything?
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