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  1. I haven't posted in a while but I just had to after watching this. Golfing Dave is freaking adorable, but I will be watching the first minute of the video over and over. Ever since the Ford music video on AI that showed him behind the wheel I've been DYING for more of driver Dave. I don't know why, but him driving a car is HOT!!!! Especially around the :52 mark where he looks over at the camera(person) in the passenger seat. I'm ridiculous and he is gorgeous!
  2. Yeah, he did but now I can't remember when. It was in an interview a while ago. Like last year I think. Brain cells are a terrible thing to waste. Still loving "David Cook and the Boys" although, I think it should be written like Terry would say it, "David Cook and da Boys".
  3. Awwww... I love that! "David Cook And The Boys"... at first I thought it was the new band name!! LOL. Sweet!
  4. Wow, all those pictures of sweaty Dave. It certainly was HOT in there.
  5. O M G thats.. wow. OMG, he SOOOOOO did that on purpose. When he did it I about died! He leaned back, held the mic stand up at that angle and then to top it all off and make it complete he made THAT face. And held it there... for a long time. I could just hear him thinking, "Take it all in ladies, snap your pics, I'm doing this for you.". I told Katheen I'd pass along the picture to her when it inevitably surfaced. Val, thank your boyfriend for us!! ALL of his pictures are amazing as usual. Everybody's pictures and vidoes are awesome! I can't believe there are so many videos!! I'll be reliving Sunday night for quite a while so thank you!
  6. Thanks! The way they all throw their hair around cracks me up! I wonder if Dave ever gets jealous?! I wonder if that's part of why they do it!! LOL! Jen, I keep going back and looking at your pics. They're so purty!! So are yours Barb! This weekend I just kept saying, "He's just so f'ing beautiful.".
  7. I hate those damn red lights: With a glow stick: And even though it's blurry, this is one of my faves:
  8. Amused by the thought of himself biking from DC to VB: Love the dimple peekage: Joey and Andy were called up to sing Happy Birthday too. They look thrilled! LMAO: I was not a fan of the lighting and the fact that I'd had a few beers and was excited made the camera shake a bit which was not good for the telephoto lens and made most of the night pics blurry. Here they are anyway: More to follow...
  9. Awesome pictures and video everybody! Jen, you are quite the photograher. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! The show was SO much fun!! Being outside dancing with my feet in the sand listening to DWEEB was just as amazing as I imagined! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet everybody. As I would pass people I'd think the face was familiar but a picture online and a 3-D person IRL are two different things and I admit I felt a little weird about going up and asking someone, "Hey, are you 'davidcookisfineandrocksmyworld2008'?"!! LOL The thought of being wrong and embarassing myself stopped me every time! I just tried to smile a lot and be nice to everybody just in case! The show itself was awesome. And Breann, you have good taste! My friend, Kathleen, and I both fell in love with Matt Nathanson. (We felt like we were cheating. She even said to me, "I wish David would stop staring at me from that huge poster while I'm cheating on him!". LOL) He was hilarious and really got the crowd to love him pretty immediately! The girl in front of me who had written DC related things all over her arms with a Sharpie even made room for some Matt love on her skin! David and the boys were just so good! They all sounded and looked great! Our seats were like 7-8 rows back on Neal's side. We got into VB late Friday night and I didn't have it in me to camp out all night so I set the alarm for 5 am and got line number 316. All in all not bad seats but it was bad for pictures because in most of them there were arms and heads in the way. I'll post a few of the better ones I took with my telephoto lens after this. I think a few of the ones who were pushing you guys in front were sitting in front of us. There was a VERY determined girl who kept trying to sneak up front. Security was good I must say and kept sending her back. Don't know what happened during Dave's set though because they seemed to not be enforcing the whole stay in your seat thing after he started. Oh well, maybe they were mezmerized because the man was looking FINE! (Disappointed in the hat though- that one is my least favorite. Ugh. Still beautiful though.) I kept looking around at the crowd and they all seemed to be having a great time and really enjoying the music. Lots of fists pumping and heads bobbing. Especially from the guys. I must say that seeing all the glow sticks shoot up at the beginning of LO was awesome! And I was SO happy he closed with ADAM. In that venue with all those people, it was just.... perfect. *sigh* But it did all seem to go too fast. At the end Kathleen said, "That's IT??? It can't be over. He's coming back out, right? He only did like 6 songs!!! I'm sitting here until he starts singing again." LMAO! When I ran down the 12 songs (?) they did she finally gave up! They do leave you wanting more though!! Wonderful night! Pictures to come...
  10. Dee!! So glad to see you made it home safely last night. I was worried about you! You rock for being able to fix your car through instructions from your husband and Google! My husband was highly impressed. It was great to see you and everybody else last night. Although, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet more of you from the Home. The friend I was with is kind of freaked out by meeting "strangers" from online. But I did recognize a lot of you from your avis and tried to give you nice smiles! The show was AMAZING! I had the BEST time. It was so good to see the band up there having fun with each other. I don't think I've ever seen Andy smile so much... and what a cute smile it is! I give it up to Ryan for getting up there with an acoustic guitar. He definitely pours his heart and soul out there and the crowd singing to him was pretty moving. No wonder he cried. What can I say about David? OH. MY. GAWD. That man, that man, that man. I will COMPLETELY agree with whoever said he makes it seem like he's making eye contact with you. We were standing toward the back just because it was so freaking hot in there and we wanted to get SOME air and when David looked in our general direction it does seem like he's looking right at you and it's unbelievable. I don't know how he does it. Seeing him play at the Cat's Cradle was a real trip. I kept looking around the place going "Yep, I'm here... watching David Cook play this tiny club... 30 mins. from my house.". Awesome. His voice sounded tired but great nonetheless. And I honest to God melted inside when he sang Anodyne. There are literally no words to describe how much I love that song and hearing it live nearly brought me to tears. I tried so hard to live in that moment and record every second of it in my memory. Thanks to everyone who videoed it because watching it through watery eyes didn't do it justice. I couldn't believe they played it and as soon as they did I turned to my friend who's favorite is Avalanche and told her, "I have a good feeling about Avalanche. He's gotta play it. He WILL play it."! Of course, when he did she flipped out completely and tried to make her way to the front. She came back a few seconds later and enjoyed it from the back! So many good songs! I'm a huge fan of Honest now. It's very catchy and I hope he gets to put it on the next album. Anyway, lots of fun, lots of cute banter. He was definitely feeling the vacation vibe and seemed really relaxed already. DWEEB rocks!
  11. Awww... my hometown newspaper. I can hear the phone call from my mom later, "Yeah, so I was reading the paper over my coffee this morning and whom should I see? Your boyfriend, David Cook"! I always wondered if he ever considered RS:SN. I'm kind of glad he didn't.
  12. Yay!! I just told my husband that I just want to get there already. Like, seriously! If I could afford to buy a new wardrobe I would take off without packing TONIGHT! Have fun!!!
  13. Is it at 9? Hell, I don't know which way is up right now! I'm trying to get packed for VB and just want to get there already. All I know is that at some point Sunday night I will be watching David Cook at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill where I have seen lots of shows in my day and I can't FREAKIN' wait!! Wish you all were going to be there!
  14. Amanda, are you going to VB? Not sure when my friend and I are getting there but we'll adopt you if we see you wandering around by yourself!!
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